Top Tips to get listed in Dmoz Directory

Since there has been alot of talk with you guys on how to submit to Dmoz ill give a couple of steps that i do in the Directory submission.

First things first , check your site to make sure its of the highest quality it can be, I.e no broken links anywhere, all content is relevant and in general its pleasing to the eye.

Ok , lets start by finding the category that best suits your site, now you will need to find the deepest darkest category before you even start, there is no point in submitting to a higher category to try and get a little more PR Juice from Dmoz , it wont work unless its Highly relevant and extremely good quality site.

Its also worth noting at the bottom of every category you will see if that category has an editor, if it hasnt then your wait could be longer because an editor from a higher level will probably have to come and look at your submission.

For Example today my Category is :

Now when looking at this page whats the first thing you notice? Isnt it obvious ? Take a close look at the Anchor text, You’ll notice that all the anchor text through out the directory is nearly always the name of the site So for example at the very bottom of that page you will see the anchor text “X Football Wallpapers” Now obviously that sites main keywords would be “Football Wallpapers but they have Included the “X” because thats the name of the site and it shows that the SUbmitter isnt trying to get a SEO gain from being listed.

So another good reason to buy Keyword domains

Next step is the Description , In Dmoz it is very rare to see long descriptions , its said that Dmoz editors would prefer to see a straight to the point, short descriptive sentence. So don’t go and use your roboform or Firefox add on to submit the same old description you use for all the other directories which is 250 – 500 characters long .

You Description needs to say exactly what your site is about in one little sentence which i would say needs to be no longer than 15 words or less.

Wasn’t that easy ? that is all there is too it , now click that submit button and wait, i would say if you are still waiting 8 weeks from now then its possible that the Editor just doesnt like the quality of your site or you’ve upset him in the past

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