Why should you choose WordPress as a CMS

When it comes to setting up a website these days, most websites will run using a content management system. Basically, a content management system is just a system that will allow you to easily add or delete content on your website. In the past, you would have had to know how to code HTML in order to add content, but with the introduction of content management systems, it is now easier than ever and you need nothing more than basic word processing skills to be able to add content to your website.

The problem now is that there are so many different content management systems out there, that you will probably not know which one to choose in the slightest. You will probably have heard of Joomla, WordPress and others like this and you will probably be a little confused. Well, we think that WordPress is a great option for anyone looking for a CMS for their website, and here’s why:


WordPress is Open Source:

One of the most fantastic things about WordPress is that it is completely open source. This means that you can gain access and use the CMS free of charge forever. It also means that you are free to customise it however you might like which means that you can be as create as you like when it comes to creating your website in WordPress.

Of course, there are other Open Source CMS’ out there but none of them have had quite the amount of success that the WordPress CMS has had. WordPress is basically a blogging platform but it can be used to create fully functional websites. WordPress is now being used more than ever to create websites which means that it is becoming more and more advanced. There are a lot of CMS systems out there that will charge you to use them or will charge you a yearly fee; this is something that is not necessary for most websites as WordPress will fit the bill.


You can add WordPress Themes

Another fantastic thing about WordPress is that it is so customizable. When you first install WordPress, it will have a default theme which is basically a plain white basic looking website. However, it is possible to completely change the look and feel of the website by installing WordPress Themes.

What is a WordPress theme? Basically, a WordPress theme is an already created website design that has been coded and designed to work with the WordPress CMS. This means that all you have to do to change the look and feel of your website is browse the internet for a theme that you like and install it on your website. Once again, this is something that can actually be done by most people as no special skills are required. There are WordPress themes out there available for free and there are premium themes too. These allow you to get a fantastic looking website for a very low cost.


There are hundreds of thousands of plug-ins for WordPress

When it comes to adding additional functionality to your WordPress website, you are in luck as WordPress has one of the largest databases of plug-ins out there for any CMS. Plug-ins are basically added components to your WordPress website that are installed in the admin panel. Plug-ins are created by people all over the world for WordPress and they allow you to get the website to have an additional functionity.

Where can you find plug-ins? There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress plug-ins on the WordPress website itself. These are created by people all over the world and submitted for use free of charge. All you have to do in order to get your hands on a plug-in is to download it from the WordPress website and then upload it to your website. In the latest version of WordPress, you can actually search for and install plug-ins right from the backend of the website. This makes customizing the website extremely easy once again.

What kinds of things do plug-ins do? Because there are just so many WordPress plug-ins out there now, you can find a plug-in that will do almost anything you like. For example, there are SEO plug-ins that will make managing your WordPress websites SEO a lot more easily and there are also social media plug-ins that will add Facebook ‘Like’ and share buttons to the site.

There are also plug-ins that can do a lot more complex things as well including allowing you to edit the coding of the website or make some links no-follow etc. Plug-ins are what makes the WordPress platform so powerful for website owners.

Premium Plug-ins:

If you are looking for something extra good for your WordPress website, there are a number of premium plug-ins out there too. These can do a variety of things including making your website into a full ecommerce website and much more. These are worth exploring if you have a big project in mind.


WordPress developers are plentiful

One more great thing about WordPress is that there are hundreds and thousands of WordPress developers out there. This is great for a number of reasons. For example, lets say that you have a problem with your website that is built in WordPress. There are thousands of developers out there that will be experts in WordPress and therefore will be able to quickly diagnose and repair the problem.

If you had a different or less well known CMS, then you might struggle to find someone who knows how to fix it.

Developers mean easy customization: Another thing that is often wanted when it comes to WordPress are custom designed themes or plug-ins that do something new. Because there are so many developers out there, there are thousands of people that can make your WordPress website dreams come true. It also means that you can usually get the work done for a decent price too.



Overall, WordPress is probably the best option if you are looking to create a CMS website as it has all of the benefits that are listed above. However, it is always best to take a look at what is out there when choosing a CMS and there are many other great options including Joomla and others.

If you are looking to set up a powerful website/blog however, or a website for a small business, WordPress is a great option.

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