Too Much Hosting Choice?

Too Much Hosting Choice?

Today’s Internet is flooded with Hosting Providers offering a wide array of Hosting choices. So who do you choose and what should you look for?

Experience tells us that generally the free providers are not a good choice if you want to host a site that is important to you, as the reliability is usually pretty poor. Though to be fair there are a few decent free providers.

Also avoid offers of “unlimited” space and bandwidth, it is impossible for anyone to provide anything “unlimited”.After all if you actually need that sort of space and bandwidth then you most likely are the owner of Google and you would have your own bank of servers anyway!!!

A good way to find a decent and reliable provider is to join one of the many Forums, there are always plenty of members who are willing to share good and bad experiences.

Decide what features you actually do need, after all there is no point paying for added extras that you will never use. Decide what you can afford, then stick to it, don’t be tempted to overspend.

Once you have decided these you will usually have narrowed your search down enough to consider a few options.

Beware of offers of free Domain Names, some will retain ownership of the domain and will not allow transfer, though they are in the minority but check first.

If you want “live help” make sure that the offer actually means “Live”. Some offer this and either they are only live for an hour or so a day or they actually mean email support.

Lastly, avoid buying hosting offers from Ebay, now for those of you who sell on ebay and are genuine I apologise,but…there are too many who have bought cheap reseller plans, who have never provided hosting before and are just not worth the trouble. The problem is telling these from the rest as some can make their website and adverts look very professional.

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