How To Make A Great Landing Page

Make A Great Landing PageIf you’ve got a landing page that you want to rank well in the search engines, you’ve got to be sure that it is designed with search engines in mind. If you want your landing page campaign to be successful, make sure you follow these five rules:

1. My landing page contains at least 250 words of HTML text.

Search engine spiders are like hungry animals trying to devour their prey. They feed off of HTML. If you want them to think well of you and visit often, you’ve got to feed them what they want. HTML is what they’re looking for so be sure to give it to them.

A page with only 1 or 2 short paragraphs of HTML text or text within graphics will not fare very well if compared to your competition whose page contains hundreds of “juicy” words written in HTML for the search engine spiders to feed off of.

2. The Text on the Page Contains My Target Keywords

All that text on your page will do you no good if you babble on about a red car, but you want your landing page to rank well for the search term “green boat”. If you want to rank well for “green boat” then be sure to talk about a green boat within the text of your landing page.

Your landing page will have much more success if you be sure to use your target keywords as many times as possible while still providing a pleasant reading experience for the visitor.

3. Don’t Forget the Title

You should put just as much emphasis on the title of your page as you put on the body. As with rule #2, be sure that your page title contains some of your target keywords. Also, you may find better results by making your title as specific as possible.

4. Anchor Text for My Links Are Relevant

This is the rule that you have the least control over, but you should do your best to be sure that the anchor text for your links contain your target keywords. Here’s an example:

If you’re target keywords are “green boat”, then you would want your link to look something like this:

<a href="”>Green Boat</a>

This would be a bad example:

<a href="”>Visit My Site!</a>

For more information, read The Power Of Anchor Text.

5. Your Landing Page Is Accessible From Your Homepage

If you’ve got a landing page you want to promote, be sure that it is accessible by following HTML links from your homepage. Some people will make their landing page, but have no way to access it from the homepage of their website. To the search engines, this looks as if the landing page is not very important to you, so the page is not very important to them.

The phrase to understand in what I just said is “HTML links”. I’m not talking about having javascript menus or a menu made up of images or links to the page from a login secured area of your site. I’m talking about good old-fashioned HTML links- food for the search engine spiders.

To sum things up, you’ve got to think HTML, HTML, HTML! Too many websites today are made up of nothing but images, flash & javascript. If you want to do well in organic search engine listings, you’ve got to use HTML.

2 thoughts on “How To Make A Great Landing Page

  1. @aLee:

    I took a look at your landing page and while the graphics look nice, that’s all you have on the page. I see where you may have left some space to add text, but in my opinion, you have too many graphics on the page. As this article states above, you need tons of HTML.

    Also, I would recommend removing the pop-up ad when you visit the page.

    Lastly, you have no META title, description or keywords for the page.

    You’re on the right track- just be sure to follow it through correctly.

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