How To Read Site Statistics

Just about everyone keeps track of certain statistics and actions taken by their website visitors in one form or another- and if you don’t you should start.

Statistical platforms such as AwStats are usually included within your hosting control panel, but to gather the most information from your visitors, more is needed. In my recent guest post on Problogger, I mentioned Google Analytics and Statcounter. Each of those programs give you simple installation instructions on how to integrate their stat tracking code onto your site.

For those of you who are not that enthusiastic about numbers, reading or tracking your stats may not be the most pleasurable thing for you to do. However, to get the most out of your website you need to regularly read and understand your website statistics.

There is more to tracking your statistics than viewing how many visitors and page views your website receives.

This is a screenshot of my recent visitors:

JWRmedia Recent Visitors

Here you can track not only how many visitors your website receives, but also how many of them are return visitors.

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