How To Move WordPress To A New Server Or Host

I have seen many requests online on how to move a WordPress blog to a new server or host- including requests from some of my readers. It seems as though the easy part is transferring the files. What most people find difficulty with is moving their WordPress database to the new server or hosting company. […]

Reflect Text Or Images In Illustrator CS3

< ?php include_once("./ads/inpost/adverts.php"); echo $bannerAd; ?>Since the release of this blog, many people have been asking me how I make the text in my logo and avatar look as if it were reflecting, giving it a more modern, three dimensional look. I’ll tell you right off, I don’t use Adobe Photoshop very much. I think […]

How To Boost You Potential By 60.2%

To be honest, I’m quite tired of hearing nothing other than PageRank, PageRank, PageRank. In the world of SEO, many have become easily distracted by focusing all of their time and attention on Google. However, it is very important to remember that Google accounts for only 39.8% of all the user searches on the Internet […]

Protect Yourself Against Domain Name Fraud

Everyone who is about to purchase a domain name or website with a domain name should be familiar with the information in this article to avoid being scammed. If you’re thinking about purchasing a domain name that is already registered by a company or individual, you’ve got to take some basic steps to avoid being […]

How To Backup Your SQL Database

You’ve heard it over and over again- backup, backup, backup! The importance of backing up your site goes unseen until a problem arises. Instead of barking the need to backup your site to you (because you already know that, right?) I’m going to show you how to backup your SQL database. For the purposes of […]