Create Custom WordPress Page Templates

Sometimes, you may not want all of our WordPress pages to look exactly the same. You can easily create multiple page templates so that you can diversify the look of your WordPress blog so your whole blog does not look exactly the same. Here’s how: Using your FTP program, browse to your theme’s folder. This […]

Exclude Pages From Search Results

Many WordPress bloggers want to exclude pages from their search results and only search through posts. True, there are plugins available that will help you accomplish this, but I always try to avoid installing slow, bulky plugins when I don’t have to. Using this method, you only need to add 1 line of code to […]

How To Move WordPress To A New Server Or Host

I have seen many requests online on how to move a WordPress blog to a new server or host- including requests from some of my readers. It seems as though the easy part is transferring the files. What most people find difficulty with is moving their WordPress database to the new server or hosting company. […]