10 Of The Best Most Beautiful Christmas Infographics

Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year for children all around the world but it is also pretty highly anticipated by online marketers too. There are a lot of creative ways to market a company around Christmas time and one of them is of course by producing a Christmas infographic. There are a lot of these produced every year and here are some of the most beautiful ones we have come across this year.


#1 – Christmas Calorie Swap Shop

Diet Chef produced this infographic which shows how you can replace many of the most well known Christmas treats for other alternatives that will be far less fattening. A great concept.


#2 – Pie Charts

This is a bit of a different festive infographic but it is great nonetheless. It tackles favourite pieces around the festive season and was produced by DegreeSearch.org.


#3 – Anatomy Of A Christmas Card

An infographic that looks at the anatomy of a Christmas card now, produced by Moo.com. It holds a huge amount of information in a very well presented manner including the fact that only 15% of cards are purchased by males!


#4 – What To Buy An SEO Geek

Here’s a funny festive infographic which tackles the difficult task of what to buy an SEO geek for Christmas this year. It suggests, a tin of Spam, a Panda and a magic wand. All good suggestions.


#5 – Most Stressful Music

A fantastic concept for a festive infographic which explores the least and most stressful Christmas tunes out there. The most stressful is apparently Paul McCartney.


#6 - If Children Ran Christmas

Here is a great infographic which explores what would happen if children were in charge of Christmas. It looks great and was produced by SantasLapland.com.


#7 – The Real Cost Of Christmas

Produced by DoshExpress.com, this infographic explores the REAL cost of Christmas and holds some pretty spectacular facts and figures including the fact that 7.5 million Christmas trees are erected in the UK alone each year.


#8 – How Quick Does Father Christmas Need To Be?

This infographic explores the real life implications of being Father Christmas and how fast he would have to be to do his job properly. Produced by Parcel2Go.com, this is a great looking and hugely amusing infographic.


#9 – Confection Selection

This is perhaps my favourite infographic in terms of design that helps people to choose their confectionary choice this Christmas with the help of a diagram. A great concept once again.


#10 – 12 Ways To Stay Sane At Christmas

A genius and well designed infographic helping you to stay sane this Christmas. It offers a step by step list of advice that will help you to stay stress-free and sane.

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