10 Of The Best Movember Infographics

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where everyone decides to grow a tash in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Although there is a serious aspect towards Movember, it is of course an extremely fun thing to take part in and not wanting to miss an opportunity, there have been a lot of Infographics created around the theme of Movember. Here are some of the best.


#1 – Take A Mo’ment

This is a very well designed infographic that aims to educate people about the reasons behind Movember. It explains the funds that have been raised and why the month exists. A very nice infographic to say the least.


#2 – Social Infographic

This infographic focuses on the perspective of social media and how many people are talking about Movember. Some of the stats are very interesting and overall, it is a relatively well-designed infographic.


#3 – Moustaches Through The Ages

This is a personal favourite infographic of mine as it actually focuses on different tash styles throughout the ages ranging from Charlie Chaplin through to many others. The infographic looks good too.


#4 – Select Your Stache

This infographic covers a little bit of everything but the main aim is to help people select their moustache. It shows famous moustaches including Tom Sellick, Hulk Hogan and others.


#5 – Moustache Style Guide

I love the design of this infographic and it is certainly one of the best. It is basically a style guide for moustaches this month but goes into a lot of detail including what tash is likely to suit different people.


#6 – A Field Guide To Typestaches

This is probably the most well-designed infographic in our collection in my opinion and the subject is great too. It basically offers a field guide to ‘Typestaches’. Check it out and you’ll see what we mean.


#7 – Movember

This infographic focuses a lot on the reasons behind Movember once again and goes into a lot of detail as to statistics surrounding prostate cancer including who is most at risk and much more. A great infographic.


#8 – The Hairy Truth

This is a really cool infographic that explains the truth behind moustaches. It goes into detail about how many people have tashes around the world and also some prostate cancer stats too.


#9 – A Month For Champion Men

Again, a super well designed infographic that aims to highlight a lot of the social statistics that surround Movember. It goes into tweets and much more.


#10 – How Much Do You Know?

This infographic explains a lot of different areas of mens health asking the question; how much do you know about men’s health? A lot of the statistics are quite shocking so it’s worth a look.


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