10 Of The Most Creative Olympic Ads of 2012

So, the Olympics is over for another few years but we have certainly seen a great deal of amazing ads surrounding the events. A few of these adverts have been on the TV whilst a few of them have been on billboards, in magazines and other areas. This is always the case when it comes to the Olympics but we thought we’d highlight some of the best for your inspiration. Enjoy!

#1 – Nike

Nike are definitely the kings of advertising and this ad for the Olympics certainly didn’t let anyone down. Nike weren’t the official supporters of the Olympics this year so they had a genius idea, use different places called London around the world.


#2 – Visa

Visa; yet another king of advertising and this short ad named “The Difference” was one of the best the Olympics had to offer this year. This ad had a huge push from Visa.


#3 – EDF Energy

EDF were the official energy providers of the Olympic games meaning that they lit the London eye, the Olympic Stadium and much more throughout the events. This viral ad shows this.


#4 – Coca Cola

Coca Cola are one of the biggest brands in the world and their Olympic advert went along the lines of their “Move to the beat” idea. It was all about being excited for the Olympics.


#5 – British Airways

Of course, with the Olympic games being held in London, England, British Airways were the official sponsor of the games. Their TV ad did the games justice too. Must have took a lot of making.


#6 – P&G

This ad from P&G revolved around a campaign entitled “Thank you, Mom”. This was originally started back in 2010 by the company and has been running in various forms since then.


#7 – Channel 4 Paralympics

Channel 4 launched an ingenious campaign to promote the Paralympic games this year. The 90 second advert has been exceptionally well made and revolves around a “Meet the Superheroes” theme. Click the image to view.


#8 – Adidas

Nike’s rivals; Adidas also came up with their own Olympic ad this year revolving around a “Take the Stage” Concept. This ad was created by the Sid Lee agency and it is great.


#9 – Lego

Lego didn’t launch a TV ad for this year’s Olympics but their ads were still great. Take this one for example that runs the slogan “Great Building, Great Britain”. Brilliant.


#10 – John Lewis

Again, no TV ad from John Lewis but a great offline ad. They actually wrapped their store in London in a British Flag. Being located in the city that the games took place, it attracted a lot of attention.

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