3 LinkedIn Tips you probably didn’t know

LinkedIn is probably the best and biggest social network out there when it comes to having B2B connections and this is a great resource for your business. The thing is that you should really be making the best use of the LinkedIn website but like many other social networking websites, it isn’t always clear what you can do with it. Even thought you might already use the website, here are some of the best tricks and tips that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Use the iPhone App to find local businesses – The latest iPhone app for the LinkedIn website actually allows you to find businesses that are close to you. It will sue the iPhone GPS system in order to find local businesses and business people that you can connect with which is a particularly useful feature if you are attending a conference and quickly want to find someone you have just met on LinkedIn.
  2. Saving LinkedIn Searches – Here is a trick that not many people know about or really make use of and that is that LinkedIn allows you to save up to 3 searches. Although this might not sound like much use, it really is. The thing about this trick that is you are able to save searches for people in certain areas of LinkedIn and then get notified by email whenever the results for your search changes. This means that if new people are added to a list or join LinkedIn, you will be notified by email.
  3. Get LinkedIn Profiles in Email – This is a really neat little trick that will help you find people you already know on LinkedIn. Let’s say you’re talking to a new client via email, there is a handy plug-in for Firefox that will actually display their LinkedIn profile in your email which will allow you to contact them easily. This plug-in also works on many different email accounts including the usual ones like Gmail, Yahoo mail and much more. Once you see them in your email, you can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Making use of these tips will really increase your LinkedIn use and visibility and will make the website much more useful.

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