3 Top Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Having your own blog is something that is exceptionally easy to do these days as there are a number of things such as WordPress and Tumbr that allow you to create a blog in a matter of minutes free of charge. However, this means that there is a lot more competition when it comes to blogs so getting quality traffic to your blog will be harder than ever. Here are some of the best tactics for getting traffic to your blog:

  1. Host your blog on your domain – This is a really important step to actually getting traffic to your blog. Although you can get a blog for free, you will usually have a sub domain like myblog.wordpress.com. This is fine for personal blogs but if you are looking to get decent traffic, you need to register a domain and host your blog there. This will make your blog more trustworthy and recognisable and it is relatively cheap to do.
  2. Tag your blogs content – tagging your blogs content has to be one of the easiest ways to get your blog noticed and out there. There are many places you can tag your content including things like Stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit and you should also add your blog to many blog directories and things like Technorati. However, you should only submit your blog to the ones that you know of and that are well known, otherwise it is pretty much pointless.
  3. Get high quality links – Getting high quality links to your website is a well known trick that will increase your SERPS and get more visitors and it is the same case for blogs. However, you still need high quality links which means you should think about your content and get relevant links too. Linking from places like Wikipedia and other relevant blogs can be useful for getting your blog noticed and out there and should be an area that you spend some of your time.

There are other tactics that you can get involved in to promote your blog such as inviting guest bloggers to submit content and even advertising on Adsense. However, this can be costly and is a tactic that we would recommend further down the line.

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