5 Tools to enhance your Social Media Marketing Efforts

It is through social media that it has become possible for businesses, small as well as large ones, to communicate and interact with their customers directly. Businesses are able to get more customers as well as potential buyers and also do product development research through social media. While you will find numerous social media sites and tools, there are a few that are the very best in terms of helping you achieve your goals. Here are 10 of the top tools and services you can employ for your social media marketing activities.




This site offers you an intuitive tool that you can use for generating and managing all the communication you carry out on the social media.  It allows you the use of a single platform for managing all your communication over the social media.


This is a tool that is extremely useful especially for entrepreneurs. If you are a new business and need to know the perceptions and thoughts of people about your brand and business, there is no better tool than this to monitor that. It is a tool that provides you a real-time view of your specified mentions as and when they appear on Twitter.


YouTube can prove to be a valuable social media marketing tool for businesses because it provides an opportunity to communicate and get the message across to potential customers via video. In terms of product demos, advertisements and answering queries for customer service, YouTube can do wonders for any business.  It is also a great way to broadcast any business conferences and presentations that can potentially bring on sales opportunities.


In today’s age of social media outburst, it is not enough to be present on just one social media website. While managing multiple social media accounts on various platforms can be challenging to handle, through Spredfast, you get a tool that helps businesses in managing, measuring and monitoring its messages and communication going out to the rest of the world through various social media websites. Not only that, but this site also helps you with your social media efforts by offering whitepapers on top social media techniques and secrets to success. Some of the biggest companies make use of this tool for social media success.

Social Mention

One of the biggest advantages of social media websites is that it helps you in knowing what people are saying about your business. You can achieve this to full extent with the use of Social Mention. It generates a live real time feed for you with the mention of your business. This helps you in gauging the perceptions of customers and potential clients. You can also monitor your competitor’s mention feed. This helps you in gauging where you stand next to the competition.


With the help of all these and many other social media marketing tools, you can now make sure to direct your marketing towards the right audience via the right channel. This results in successful marketing activities.

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