Best SEO Tools rated for 2012

SEO starts with keyword research, competition analysis then goes to on page SEO and finally off page SEO or link building. You can save a lot of time in each stage of the process if you just use the right SEO tools!

However, there is a lot of crap on the internet and it can be hard to find the right software, so here is a list of my favorite SEO tools.

All in One SEO Tools:


SEO moz is the best seo tool that I have ever used, it basically gives you all the information you need to run a successful SEO campaign in a way that is easy to understand and analyse. It offers keyword competition analysis, website crawling and on page seo optimization recommendations – these helped me to double my website traffic in the first month, and has the best rank tracking I’ve ever seen.

However all these cool features come with a starting price of $99/mo, but at least you can get a free 30 day trial and see if it is worth your money.

Price: $99/mo
Trial: 30 days


This is actually a bundle of 4 different SEO tools from the same vendor.

It includes an awesome Rank Tracker that has the ability to get information form your google analytics account in order to tell you how much traffic you are getting from each of your keywords.

This is an amazing tool that analyzes the backlins of your competitors and then sorts them out by pagerank and other factors that determine their SEO value, after this you can go and get the same links for your site too.

The first time I used this I found 5 pr3+ blogs open for comments without moderation.

The auditor helps you with your on site SEO, gives recommendations and useful information about your site strength. See sample report here.

This tool is all about helping you find link partners, you give it a keyword and it finds quality websites for link exchanges. The thing I like about this tool is that it can actually generate a custom link directory that you later upload on your website.

Price (all 4): $249
Trial: Limited Free Version

Open Site Explorer (free tool from SEO MOZ)

A free online tool that gives useful information about any URL you give. You have 5 free daily searches which include:

  • Anchor Text Analysis
  • Backlink profile analysis with top links (you can use this to spy on your competition and get the same links to your website)
  • A list of the top pages on the website
  • Competition strength comparison (you can add multiple websites and generate comparison reports that are easy to understand)

Price: Free 5 uses / day

Keyword Research Tools:


This is probably the best tool for keyword research. It can generate thousands of related keywords and get all the important information about them, including: daily searches, competition and adwords value.

The feature that makes this tool stand out is the ability to find related keywords by scanning and analyzing your top 100 competitors in google.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about word tracker is that you also get a really comprehensive step by step guides on how to use it for maximum results.

Price: $69/mo
Trial: 30 days


A classic choice, this is one of the most popular IM software on the internet. It is best used for keyword research and rank tracking. There are few other features that I’ve never found them extremely useful.

You can get a 40 day free trial without entering your credit card details if you sign up saying that you were recommended by the 30 day challenge. (on the front page)

Price: $149
Trial: 40 days

Content and Link Building:

The Best Spinner

The best spinner is actually the best spinner. This tool can trun one article in 10+ unique articles that actually make sense, so you can later submit them in different article directories or article distribution services.

Price: $77/year
Trial: 7 days

Social Monkee

This is a cool free service that submits your website to 25 different social networks with spun descriptions, titles and tags which is good for SEO and indexing. In the free version you can only submit one website per day and in the payed version you can submit 3.

Trial: none (free)

Bookmarking Demon

This it probably the best tool for fast social bookmarking. It supports over 100 social bookmarking websites, helps you create accounts fast, submits spun versions of descriptions, titles and tags and works really fast with multi-threading and can work trough proxy servers in case you have A to do A LOT OF BOOKMARKING on different accounts.

Price: $147
Trial: None (only 60 day money back guarantee)

Drop My Link

Helps you find .edu / .gov / do-follow blogs that are related to your keywords on which you can comment on for backlinks. However I think it is better to steal the backlinks from your competition first by using seo spyglass.

Price: Free

Article Ranks

This is a service that lets you submit articles in “spun format” and then automatically submits the unique article to a huge database of pr2+ websites. One properly spinned article is distributed to 40-50 different websites and from that you can expect around 10 quality links to get indexed.

Price: free or 40$/mo for pro
Trial: Earn credits for submissions


Probably the most comprehensive link building tool on the internet, it does everything for you automatically. Blog commenting, Forum profile creation, Submits spun articles to article directories, Submits spun press releases and then makes sure that everything gets indexed by pinging.

The beauty of this tool is that it does these things 100% automatically, you just need to create the “marketing campaign”, add few spun articles and all the other work is scheduled and done automatically (it even solves capcha codes)

Price: $127/mo
Trial: 14 days

One thought on “Best SEO Tools rated for 2012

  1. Good morning,
    I totally agree with you, the internet is full of crap-as an rookie I’ve purchased an overwhelming amount of softwares that became absolete as soon as downloaded them-the stuff that had potential had become useless because Google keep using vicious animals to fight with human.What do we do now?

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