How to ensure all of your online marketing efforts work seamlessly

When you are creating an online marketing campaign, you will probably have a lot of different things in mind. A lot of people will not know where to start when it comes to online marketing and this is usually because there are just so many different things and techniques out there for you to understand. The truth is that the web is a world where you can market your business in a number of different ways but it is allowing each of these methods of marketing to complement each other that is the trick.

Now, you might be wondering what we mean by this but it is actually pretty simple. You need to make it so that your SEO efforts compliment your social media efforts and vice versa. You can also incorporate other forms of marketing in to these in order to really maximise the effect that each type of marketing is having. Of course, social media and SEO are the two largest forms of marketing online these days because they are just so powerful but there are a number of other things that you can do to maximise these efforts too.


Social media and SEO


These are two of the marketing efforts that complement each other extremely well. The truth of the matter is that they both help each other out if done correctly but you need to ensure that they are working together for maximum effect.  Let’s take a look at how these can work together.

How social media can help SEO: The truth of the matter is that your social media efforts can have a big impact on SEO. This means that simply having a Twitter, Facebook ,LinkedIn or any other social media profile is going to give you at least a small boost. This is because you are able to link to your website from your social media pages and vice versa. What this does is actually show Google and other major search engines that you are a legitimate company that has a good social media presence and therefore, can be trusted. Although joining a million social media websites will not improve search results as such, it will give you a little more authority.

How SEO can help Social Media efforts: The main way that getting more visitors from the search engines can help your social media efforts is if you actually provide ways for people to share your content using social media and to follow you to on Twitter etc on your website. You can incorporate buttons that will allow people to follow you on Twitter/Facebook and/or visit your pages. Doing this will see more people spreading your content which will lead to more visitors. As well as this, you will get more people being interested in your business and following you on Facebook/Twitter etc and therefore, you will be able to keep them updated.


Combining Email Marketing with Social Media

Email marketing has been around for such a long time and it still remains one of the most powerful forms of marketing out there. The good news is that it fits into the big plan of things when it comes to marketing your company on the internet and you can actually incorporate it into social media applications. For example, you might have a landing page on Facebook that collects people’s email addresses and details and in return, see’s you sending them a discount voucher. This is a great way to get details which can then be used for further email marketing campaigns.

You can also collect this kind of information from your website by adding a pop under box that collects details in a similar way. Or perhaps you could require that a user registers for certain areas of the site. This will see you get details in no time at all and will surely boost your marketing efforts significantly.



Now, these are two of the things that you will be told will never go together and the idea of a PPC advert on a search engine is not to increase SEO at all. In fact, it doesn’t help with this at all in terms of Google but there are a few ways that it might be able to be manipulated so that it does.

One of the things that you could do here is to actually buy a PPC advert that gives relevant content to users that are searching for whatever keyword you have decided upon. If you make sure that the information is excellent, chances are that you will get a certain percentage of people linking to that content as they will be impressed. As well as this, if you have social media buttons on the website, you will be able to boost your social media effect too.

You need to make sure that this is cost effective however as in many cases, it simply won’t be. But if you know what you are doing this can be a great way to get a few extra links.


Combining online and offline marketing efforts

Business cards with social media

One of the things that a lot of people miss out is that it is quite easy to actually combine the online and offline marketing efforts that you are doing. For example, you will probably have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as well as website so make sure that they are included in your offline marketing promotions.

if you have business cards printed, make sure that they have your website URL and Facebook/Twitter links on there. The same goes if you have any newspaper advertising and/or leaflets. You can make sure that you tell everyone about your online presence and perhaps even give an incentive for them to ‘Like’ you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.

You will be surprised how effective this can be.



In conclusion, it is important to remember that all of your marketing efforts, no matter what they are, are actually linked and you can take advantage of this significantly.

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