How to get more viewer-ship on YouTube

There are quite a few important factors to take into consideration when you want to have a viral or at least decently successful video on YouTube but the most important part that you cannot skip is: The video has to be original. If you just copy what others do on their videos it wouldn’t be a big success because people have already seen that. You have to think of something that will be different and interesting in the same time. There are videos on YouTube that aren’t good at all but they have massive traffic and viewer-ship. Videos like The Annoying Orange which are actually not that fun after all still gained a lot of views because of their originality and because they were different. So if you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel and maybe become a YouTube partner one day, think of an original idea that has the potential to make you famous and get you a lot of views.

However it’s not just the creativity factor involved here. There are a few more factors that can get you more viewers on your YouTube videos and channel and this post is dedicated to pointing them out and teaching you how to use them in your advantage.

YouTube SEO:

YouTube has it’s own SEO system as well as Google so it’s somewhat important to have the best SEO you can have on your submitted video. The first thing you have to keep in mind is the title of your video. The title should be on point which means it shouldn’t be too long and it should contain the keyword you are targeting. Put the keyword in the beginning of the title, that helps a little bit. Another thing you have to pay attention to is the description of your video. You need to put the keyword you are targeting there as well. The earlier your keyword appears in the description the better. Managing your tags is also important for YouTube SEO. You need to put related tags to your video as well as the keywords you are targeting. Videos that are not that popular and have just a few views can compete with some majorly popular videos if they have good SEO work done.

Linking your videos is also a part of the YouTube SEO. You need to link the videos together so if the people that are viewing one of your videos can easily find the next or previous one if they want to. So it’s recommended that you link all the videos together using the annotations. It’s really easy to use the annotations, just go to your YouTube videos page > click to edit the video > and there is a tab with “annotations” written on it. A good way to link the videos together would be to have an annotation at the beginning and the end of the video. Put the previous video on the annotation on the beginning and the next video the annotation at the end. You can also have a few annotations at the end that will point to your other videos but that is your choice to make, either way it’s good to link your videos and it really helps on getting more views.


Building a list of subscribers:

Having more subscribers means that when you put up a new video on YouTube it will appear on the subscribers profiles and they will watch it. But building this list isn’t really an easy task to do. There are services and people that sell programs that automatically subscribe you to some channel in order to get a subscription back from him but that way you might get banned. There are quite a few tricks and things you can do to build a list of real subscribers in a relatively short time.

Posting a new video regularly will attract subscribers so you should try and post something interesting pretty often. Also add a reminder at the end of your video that people should subscribe because there will be other videos coming out soon. This way you will double your subscription rate.


Getting views:

I know that I’ve been trying to explain to you how to get views from the start but the truth is that the videos that have lots of views will get even more views. That’s the way YouTube works. The more views you have the more relevant your video becomes and they send more people to view it.

The age of your account also plays a role in this field of video relevance. The older your account is the better.

There is one more way to get more views on YouTube just to boost the relevance of your video and make it noticeable. There are websites that offer numerous YouTube video services including adding views to your video like Get More YouTube Views. Using this kind of service is good to give you that initial boost you need for your video to get the proper attention from the audience on YouTube.

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