How to Monetize your Website Traffic

Everyone says that the biggest challenge of all is to draw traffic to your website. And that’s absolutely true. The marketing of your website is a never ending campaign which needs constant attention but without the right way to turn that traffic into cash you will just have visitors and no income.

Top 5 Ways to Monetize your Website Traffic!


1. Promoting your own product

Most successful online marketers say that having your own product to sell is the best way to monetize the traffic you get. And I agree with them. The problem here is having a good product to offer. If you have a lot of experience in a certain field you can offer that knowledge in a video course or an eBook. If you have a very good way to do a certain service offer them a deal to perform that service for them.

The point is whatever you choose to do, make sure that it really has some worth so the customers won’t ask for refunds.

The best part with having your own product is that you get everything and not just a small commission of the sale. I don’t suggest that you try and promote your own product if you are just starting with online marketing because there are many things you don’t know yet.


2. PPC Offers (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click networks like Google Adsense are also a really good way to generate your monthly income. This method is mostly used on sites that get a lot of traffic and a lot of returning visitors.

Since you get your profit from the clicks that your visitors make, to achieve huge monthly income you’ll need to have a lot of visitors because not all of them will click on your PPC offers. Sites that earn a lot of money from PPC are usually viral sites that add new content to their blogs regularly like Demotivation.




3. Affiliate offers

Affiliating other products is probably the best thing to go for if you are a beginner in internet marketing. You don’t have a lot of experience in it and the ones that you affiliate are in that business for a longer period so they know how to sell their product.

All you have to do is write a few reviews for that product and get some traffic to that review. Leave your affiliate link in the review you wrote so people can purchase the item through you and you will get commission for it. There are many affiliate networks but i recommend Clickbank.



4. Selling banner spots on your site

If you run a website that is older and you have a lot of traffic on it you can do a quick research and see other companies that are in your niche who might want to advertise on your site.

Contact them saying that you are offering them advertising spot on your site and deliver them the details of your monthly traffic so they can see how awesome your website is and how much they can profit from having their banner there. When they respond to your email saying that they are interested, negotiate the monthly price and you’re done.

This is one of my favorite ways to monetize the traffic because if the ones buying the banner spot are satisfied they will renew their subscription for another month and you will have constant income. You can use your blog side bar as a spot for banners (like on the picture above instead of “Popular Posts”)


5. Creating a list of subscribers

This way of marketing requires you to purchase a service that can gather your subscribers like Aweber. After you have a service that manages your subscriber list you need to put a subscribe form on your website which would be fairly visible to the visitors.

To get people to subscribe you need to offer them something valuable like information on a certain topic, free guide for your related niche or something similar. After that you need to find a lot of affiliate offers related to your niche and create chain mails to get your subscribers interested in the product you are about to offer them via email.

Be careful not to spam them only with offers for products. Send them informative mails also, like free information on a topic they are interested in. The ratio should be like 3 to 1 (3 informative mails/1 product offer) if you don’t want people to unsubscribe from your list.


All the above methods are great to monetize the traffic on your website and are all proven to be very effective. Another thing good about these ways is that you can mix them up. You can use all of them for one website if you think that the income would increase.


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