How Twitter can help you grow your Business

Are you looking for a way to grow your business? Have you exhausted all traditional options? If so, and you are willing to open your mind to something new, you should take a strong look at what Twitter has to offer. Believe it or not, Twitter is a tool that many companies, big and small, […]

Article Marketing Secrets

Introduction to Article Marketing Admittedly, article marketing may sound like something complicated, but on a very basic level, it really isn’t. The one and only aim of article marketing is to get visitors to visit your website through the backlink of a submitted article. Of course, in order to successfully do that, it isn’t enough […]

Removing Reported Attack Site from your website

Ive seen alot of forum posts lately with webmasters asking how they can remove the dreaded “Reported Attack site” Warning on their sites. Many because their site has been Hacked and a malicious script had been installed by the hacker, After searching google it took me a while to find a sensible answer, alot of […]

Bad PR- Fact Or Fiction?

What type of reaction do you have when somebody says something negative about your business or your website? If you manage a blog or a forum, what do you do when somebody complains about your website in one way or another? Delete the comment? Return the favor? Negative publicity may help you in the long […]

Bad Economy vs. Online Income

It’s no secret that the economy is bad. Not just in the United States, but many countries are experiencing unprecedented slumps in their economy such as not been seen in many years. Millions of people are losing their jobs and the number of individuals on unemployment and government assistance is at an all-time high. Obviously, […]

Organic vs. PPC Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to search engines, there are basically two avenues of gaining traffic: Organic and PPC (pay-per-click) results. There is a world of difference between the two, so let me break the facts down for you. I have a lot of statistics to show you and I am going to use Google as a […]

Use Rebates To Gain Referrals

If you offer a service such as website design, search engine optimization, graphic design, etc. I’m about to tell you how to blast your sales through the roof at little or no cost to you. We all know that it’s ten times easier to close a deal with someone who has been referred over a […]

Top 10 Marketing Disasters

This article will outline 10 of the most common marketing mistakes people make. This article has been written to cater to websites, but the same principles apply for all types of media. 1. Don’t enlarge your logo so that it’s the main focus of the page. People are more interested in what you offer, not […]

What I think Google should add.

Having spent hours as others do trying my best to improve SERPS I got to thinking that Google should change a few things, not just to help website owners but also to assist people searching. Ok, alot of what we want to find we can sometimes get recommendation, but say you cant. Its fair to […]