Top 10 Business Directories

When it comes to finding businesses online, there are a lot of different options as to what you can use to find them. There are so many business directories out there, that you might not know which one you should use. Here are some of the best business directories out there to help you out.

1. TheBestOf:

This is a business directory that has been around for a few years now and being a franchise, there are many different cities are areas that are covered.



This is a fantastic business directory that lists hundreds and thousands of businesses in the UK. It is run by the Yellow Pages company so has a lot of info.


3. Thomson Local:

This is another great business directory that has a lot of information on businesses in the UK. If you are looking for businesses in your area, this is a good option.


4. Guide2TheWorld:

This is a business directory as well as an online guide and there are a number of cities around the world that are covered. It is great for finding out a lot of info on the area and its businesses.


5. CityLocal:

This is yet another franchised business directory and there are now many cities covered like with Guide2TheWorld. It has a lot of information on businesses and can be found on Google.


6. Google Business Directory:

A lot of people forget that Google actually has its own business directory in the Google Places listings. These can be some of the best listings out there if you know what you’re looking for.


7. Yahoo Directory:

Yahoo is another search engine that has its own directory and this directory has a lot of good infoo. You can pay for your business to be listed.


8. VidLocal:

This is a business directory that is in its infant stage at the moment but you can see that it is going to be big. The difference here is that it offers video business listings whcih are extremely stunning and informative.



This is a business directory that was started a long time ago and is still known as one of the best out there. It is well known in the world of SEO more than anywhere else.


10. CallMyLocal

This is a business directory that is also relatively new but it offers a good amount of information on local businesses.

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