Top 10 Marketing Disasters

This article will outline 10 of the most common marketing mistakes people make. This article has been written to cater to websites, but the same principles apply for all types of media.

1. Don’t enlarge your logo so that it’s the main focus of the page. People are more interested in what you offer, not who you are. For example, look at some of the logos from very popular companies such as Nike and HP.

Top 10 Marketing Disasters2. Don’t place your logo in the headline of body of your content. Using the name of your company or website is fine, but there is no need to continuously place your logo all over the page.

3. Don’t use every font you have. Choose just one or two fonts for all of your materials. This will not only look more professional, but it will help you to build your branding as people will associate a particular font or layout with your company or website.

4. Don’t use every color of a box of Crayola crayons. Tons of different colors will make your page too loud to be enjoyable. Find a small group of 3-4 colors that blend nicely with each other and use them instead.

5. Don’t be redundant. Don’t repeat the name of your website, product or tagline over and over again. Your visitors already know what type of site you have- you don’t need to keep reminding them.

6. Don’t use low resolution images. Sharp, clear images look much more professional, and your readers will notice the difference. Low quality, blurry images will give your website a lazy, unkempt look and your visitors will associate that with being amateur.

7. Don’t fill up every pixel of white space on your screen. White space, also known as negative space, brings focus to what’s most important and gives the eye a rest. If you bunch a ton of text and images into one space, it will minimize the impact of what you have to say and be visually overwhelming for the visitor.

8. Instead of focusing on the details of your product or service, focus on how it will benefit your visitors. People don’t visit your website to read about you bragging about yourself- they want something that will benefit them. Emphasize the benefits of what you have to offer, not its features.

9. Don’t do exactly what your competitors are doing. Enough of the website “cloning”! While it is good to know and study your competition, it’s not good to copy them. Have you ever heard that the best form of flattery is to copy someone? By doing so, you’re merely telling everyone else how you want to be just like your competition, but are too inexperienced or lack the know-how to do it on your own. Stand out without sticking out.

10. Don’t change your design or general topic for every page or product you have. Strive for a consistent look or feel. Again, use the same color scheme, logo and fonts for your entire site. This will help build “brandability” and will embed what you have into your reader’s minds.

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When it comes to marketing, whether it’s your website, product or service, it is important to keep everything “user friendly”. Make it easy on the eyes, focus only on what is important, and promote what you’re offering- not who you are.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Marketing Disasters

  1. 8 is so true. Although people may want to know what is going on with you to make a return reader you need to be able to offer something to them. Whether it be quality content or a contest people still do want to know what they can get out of it.

  2. Being a woman, I pay keen interest to color schemes and I hate when there is a site with a lot of mismatched or bright colors that makes the page so annoying that I usually end up leaving.

  3. I love articles like this. It really gets you in the right frame of mind to focus on building your site up.

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