Top 3 Pay Per Click Programs

Pay Per Click is one of those things that a lot of web masters don’t actually look into that often whereas it can be a great way to get targeted traffic and customers on your website. Pay Per Click is the art of making sure that you are included in the search engine results pages for your desired keyword but, you will only pay when a potential customer actually clicks on your advert. This means that you don’t have to pay until you get a lead. This is a great form of marketing and there are a number of options out there if you are looking to get involved in PPC, here are some of the best:

  1. Google Adwords: This is of course the most well known PPC program in the world and it is usually the one that people will choose when they are setting up a campaign. This is basically because Google has the most amount of traffic of any search engine so your ads will be shown to a wider audience. However, this often means that there is a lot of competition in the SERP’s which for some keywords will mean that every click costs more. Nonetheless, most companies will start with Google Adwords and move on to other areas. It is a well designed and managed PPC platform.
  2. Microsoft AdCenter: This is the PPC platform that powers both Bing and Yahoo searches at the moment which means that it is another great option if you are looking to get customers to your website. This is another popular PPC program and it is well made. You can achieve great results from this if you know what you are doing.
  3. AdBrite: Believe it or not, AdBrite is another company that offers PPC placements and it is one of the main rivals to the Google Adwords program. The way that the AdBrite system works is a little different to Google Adwords and Microsoft’s AdCenter as your ads will actually appear on websites rather than SERP’s. This is still a great method however and one that should be looked into.

Pay Per Click is easily to get involved in but it is not easy to make work. If you want to get good results from PPC, we recommend a lot of research or hiring a professional.

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