Ways to get to know your audience online

It doesn’t matter what are of business you are in, you will really need to get to know your audience in order to offer products or services that are specifically aimed at them. Knowing your audience is something you will need to do if you wish to be successful in any business. With the online world having a whole array of information and tools, there are a number of ways you can get to know your audience using the internet and here are some of the best:

  1. Industry market research – Chances are that you will not be the only company in your industry and you will probably even have some competition. One of the ways of getting to know your audience is to analyse what other companies are doing and there are also a number of websites to help you analyse specific industries. Websites such as eMarketer.com will offer paid reports on industries and they do all the hard work for you. There are a number of these websites offering reports and one that you can use for yourself is The Internet Time Machine; this offers trend reporting software.
  2. Social Media – Using social media websites offers a lot of ways of finding out about your industry. There will be companies out there using social media to keep their customers updated and you can find out a lot from their updates. You can also ask your customers exactly what they want directly as websites like Facebook and Twitter provide ways for you to communicate directly with customers and potential customers.
  3. Website feedback – This is a really easy tip to implement and it can be very insightful. Adding a comments box to your website or some other kind of way for customers to give you feedback will allow you to hear what customers like and what they don’t concerning your business. These can be implemented form sites like GetSatisfaction and Uservoice.

It is important to make use of these tips as they are quite simple and do not require a lot of implementation time. At the same time, their insights can be very useful.

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