What I think Google should add.

Having spent hours as others do trying my best to improve SERPS I got to thinking that Google should change a few things, not just to help website owners but also to assist people searching.

Ok, alot of what we want to find we can sometimes get recommendation, but say you cant. Its fair to assume that on a Google search most users dont go past the 3rd page. That dosn’t mean you have found the best website for your needs or indeed the most reliable or professional website.

Because you come in at say page 23,456 dosnt mean you offer less than those who come in at page 1. so is that fair…NO!

What I think is that Google should come up with a set of Standards. These should be based on critera that will benefit the sites in the chosen keyword who meet strict standards that could be set. This in turn will benefit those who are searching as they will find genuine ,honest and reliable sites.

What should the criteria be? That is the BIG question, though I am sure that there could be ways to be ,say for example “verified” or registered as Established and other important criterea.

Now I am not saying that alone should get you to page 1, but there should be a way to integrate this to the algorythm that makes the search results less reliant of things like backlinks, after all if you buying Apples do you care how many backlinks the site has? No you want to be assured the site will deliver quality service and products.

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