Alexa Position 1 Handed To Google

For many years, Yahoo! has been the highest traffic generating website on the Internet, holding a long-lasting record of Alexa’s #1 site. That trophy has recently been passed to Google, as they have finally been named the busiest website on the Internet, climbing from their all too familiar #2 spot.

Many people who may not have been familiar with the Internet 5 or even 10 years ago have just assumed that Google was the #1 site because you don’t seem to hear as much about Yahoo! as you do for Google. The truth is that while Google was still wearing diapers, Yahoo! had millions of people not only performing web searches, but also using their free mail service, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, and other online services.

Google Is Alexas Top Website

We have seen the trend of Google spreading their wings to include much more than just basic web searches as they now have Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Street View, Google Chrome Internet browser, and a slew of other services to offer.

The truth is that Google has spiked to the #1 Alexa ranking in the past, but only for a very short while before again being bumped by Yahoo. The Alexa rank for both Yahoo! and Google have been fluctuating over the past two weeks or so, alternating between the first and second ranks, but it is obvious that Yahoo! has finally met its match as Google has been holding on to that first position.

The Alexa rank is calculated using the average number of page views and the percentage of global users that visit the site. Google has well surpassed Yahoo! with its reach, but Yahoo! has a strong number of page views.

Yahoo! had the opportunity to sell out to Microsoft with an offer of $47.5 billion which would have been the equivalent of $33 per share, but did not give up the company. Shares of Yahoo! now sit around a measly $13 per share. This, of course, was a decision that the shareholders were not very pleased with. That, amongst many other “poor management decisions” has caused quite a stir for Yahoo. They have recently decided to kick their CFO Blake Jorgensen out the door as soon as they locate a replacement. Many other ideas are being brainstormed to help revive Yahoo! and get it back on track.

More information on the CFO Blake Jorgensen story can be found at The Associated Press.

3 thoughts on “Alexa Position 1 Handed To Google

  1. It was number 2 for a while. Every time I checked my Alexa Tool bar I just assumed it was number one, but I assumed wrong. Maybe one day I can have that number one spot! Now that would be something haha

  2. That’s crazy. I’ve thought that google has been #1 this whole time. I didn’t know that they just now, became #1.

    I knew yahoo has tons of users. But I thought they loss like long time ago.

  3. @ Paul:

    Over the last few months it’s been back and forth, but up until then Yahoo has always been #1- most people have just assumed Google to be #1, but they are forgetting that Yahoo has always had other features like chat, news, mail, etc. that also adds to their popularity.

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