Apple Wants To Own The Term “Pod”

With the tremendous success of Apple’s iPod brand comes many who wish to piggyback on the branding by using part or all of its name in their website addresses or business names- but is Apple going too far? With an estimated 600 companies using the word “pod” in their name, Apple is cracking down on those who seem to be copying their brand name. For example, some companies that have caught their attention are TightPod, PodShow and MyPodder.

Some believe that the trademark infringement efforts taken by Apple are too severe, pointing out that if they continue down their current path, they would eventually attempt to control all businesses who use the word “phone” or “tunes” as well.

Apple Wants To Own The Term Pod
Can the term “pod” be trademarked?

Such action taken by Apple began back in 2006 when they issued cease-and-desist letters to Podcast Ready and TightPod, which forced TightPod to change their business name to TightJacket. One of the most recent and rediculous examples is the company Pivotal, who markets an iPhone stand for consumers. Apple has already sent them a cease-and-desist letter stating that they are protecting their intellectual property, and that their product causes consumer confusion.

Many believe that it is wrong for a company to be able to control a common word such as “pod”, which is found in the dictionary, and that “branding control” should be limited only to proprietary words that are specific to the company or product such as “Google” or “Crayola”.

Attourneys for some of these smaller companies that are being served with cease-and-desist letters from Apple state that Apple is simply trying to intimidate smaller companies who do not have the means to stand up to large corporations such as Apple.

9 thoughts on “Apple Wants To Own The Term “Pod”

  1. I see where they are coming from though. Some of the “pod” names are obviously a rip off of ipods but some of them are not and they should not be able to own such a blanket name.

    I think they should go after individual companies rather than trying to own the entire term.

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks to visit my blog.

    I am not anti Apple like Michael but I do feel this is kinda ridiculous, dont like bans. They are also using a word like Apple that have nothing to do with comp, so will not allow apple producer to stamp the word “Apples handle with care” just because they use that word? lol. Now with Pod, what if I use Pod-ium am I will be ban to use that word, lol.

    They are behaving like childs, I can understand if my toddler son do that but not from so called grwon-ups, lol


  3. @ Marketing Business Review. Good point and you said exactly what was on my mind when reading this news. I always wonder why “apple” company use the word APPLE while it has nothing to do with computers or technology in general and by this date I still heveant igure it out and most probably won’t! So yeh you are right they should also own the word apple and not allow other’s to use it lol..It is ridiculous.

  4. @Salwa- Yeah you are right I guess I will take that Mystery to the grave. Why the heck this guys choose Apple for a computer related company? Now I will nevr been able to sleep until someone, maybe Steve Jobs, clarify that for me, lol.


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