Chrome usage steps up beating Safari

Chrome finally makes it for the first time as it beats Apple’s Safari in terms of browser usage making it the world’s third most popular web browser. It surpassed Safari in terms of its usage around the globe keeping in mind that Chrome had just completed 15th months from the time it was released.
According to Internet analytics firm Net Applications, statistics showed that Google Chrome’s usage accounted for nearly 4.63 percent, a jump from 3.93 percent achieved in November whereas Apple Safari browser usage just went up from 4.36 percent in November to 4.46 percent in December. There was a substantial marginal difference in the usage of Apple Safari browser which left it in the fourth place.
According to the sources, Google had recently made Mac OS X and Linux computers available to public which was only available as a developer preview before, this was possibly the reason what jump started the usage of Chrome browser.
Microsoft Internet seems to be holding the top position in the browser market for its usage as per the analyst. Internet Explorer holding a huge chunk of browser usage market share which being 63.62 percent in November went down to 62.69 percent in December. According to Net Applications, it seems this browser seems to be going through a slow paced decline in its usage when we compare it market share in February as it was close to 70 percent.
The other most popular browsers are Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Firefox browser holds a whopping 24.61 percent market share, currently at a second position while Opera browser had a market share of 2.40 in December.

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