Desktop PC Sales Hit Record Decline

The number of desktop PC shipments for 2009 is expected to be somewhere around 101 million units, down almost 32 percent from 2008. This would mark the sharpest decline in the history of computer sales.

As the global economy worsens, individuals and corporations are doing all they can to minimize expenses with new computer purchases being one way to do so. In the past, new computers were typically purchased after existing units were 1-2 years old even though the existing PC’s worked fine. Users are now holding on to their existing systems longer, not as concerned with keeping up with the latest and greatest technology.

Desktop PC Sales Hit Record Decline
Desktop PC Sales Expected To Drop 32% In 2009

Positive numbers are seen with mobile PC shipments, however, with numbers expected to reach about 156 million units in 2009. This would mark a 9 percent increase over 2008. “Mini-notebooks” with screens ranging from 7-10 inches are becoming more and more popular as end users push for greater mobility with their PC purchases.

Notebook and “mini-notebook” computer sales have now surpassed the sales numbers of traditional desktop PC’s.

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