eBay Starting to Slide?

I see alot of recent reports lately about eBay loosing huge amounts of traffic and very quickly too!
I have to say that from my own experiences and those of others that I have heard about, this comes as no big surprise to me.

Indeed my first dealings with them started very well, I was selling watches and quickly became a respected “Power Seller”, until what I can only describe as attacks from buyers leaving unwarranted poor feedback I eventually decided to give up.
To quote a fellow eBayer

Buyers can use neg feedback to rape seller’s business reputation whenever they like. If you protest, ebay would say you have to respect the buyers’ decision. They don’t care about sellers at all. They always tell you to obey ebay’s policy. One of the feedback policy is to base on the fact. Some horrible buyers just come up any excuses to leave negative feedback. When you try to prove the fact, ebay/paypal don’t care. Ebay doesn’t consider sellers are the customers at all. Totally disappointed. I am moving to other websites.

To brutal truth is also that eBays sister company PayPal treats its customers in much the same way, maybe its time for a new player in this area of the Internet?

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