Flippa-The new Sitepoint Marketplace

Ok so Flippa is a few weeks old now and is the new Sitepoint Marketplace and I for one dont like it.
Since the change it seems that the quality of sites for sale has dropped dramatically, but could this be the trend as DP seem to be suffering the same fate? Sitepoints Marketplace however always seemed to have the edge over DP in quality of listings yet now they seem worse.

I also dont like the new layout, firstly its not easy on the eye, secondly unlike the previous layout its not as clear to see exactly what is happening. Maybe its just me im not sure?
I do understand though that they are willing to listen to comments and suggestions, but wether any changes would be made is another matter.
Lets see what happens over the next few months.

4 thoughts on “Flippa-The new Sitepoint Marketplace

  1. Thanks for the write-up and your feedback.

    How are you going about determining the quality of sites in the old marketplace vs. Flippa?

    There’s 186 listings for sites which are older than 6 months and generating at least $100 in revenue per month on Flippa right now. This seems on par with the old Marketplace.

    An important note: The default for “Premium” websites under the old marketplace was a reserve price of $10K. The criteria has changed, and a Premium website needs to have at least 100,000 unique visitors per month to get past that filter….

    But feel free to setup your own customer filters, see my screencast tutorial at:
    http://screenjel.ly/WuHJeK6c-bE . You can even setup automatic email notification, so we’ll contact you when a site matching your buying criteri gets listed. Hope you find that useful!

  2. Thanks for the good comments Matt.
    I was not aware the the criterea for Premium Websites had changed, that worries me as traffic is easily bought and could end up over valuing a site.
    To clarify what I meant was lately most sites seem to be “Turnkey” sites. I am always on the lookout for unique sites, something different with some obvious effort put into them.Its these that are missing right now.

    I look out for sites which I think have clear potential, not another “same as” to be lost in the ever increasing ocean of dead sites floating around. But then I guess thats my opinion, others will disagree I guess.

  3. I decided to do a search for Flippa reviews and I notice that everyone does not like the new pricing structure since it appears to be so greedy. What a shame. I just went to their site and now they state that about 35 percent of the listings are actually sold. that’s a surprising low percentage. Let’s hope Flippa gets their act together for both buyers and sellers.

  4. 35-40% sell through rate is quite high… The volume of bids, and sales have has increased since we did the spin off. Compare to eBay’s Internet Businesses & Websites category, where the sell through rate is 12% at an average price of less than $80 (courtesy of eBay Research).

    If you’re selling a website for $10,000 and have to pay $498 in commissions to do so, I think that’s pretty reasonable. The success fee aligns our interests with yours, which is having a successful transaction happen.

    We’ve even implemented a $99 “Success Fee” waiver if you’re feeling confident of a larger sale, not to mention an awesome dispute resolution system, verified stats from Google Analytics and much more.

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