Google Analytics Certification Program

Google has just released what they’re calling the Individual Qualification Program. The Individual Qualification, otherwise known as the “IQ” program, is a course designed by Google for users to demonstrate their proficiency in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics IQ ProgramThere are no prerequisites in order to become certified, and the test costs $50 to take. There can be many different reasons that an individual would decide to become Google Analytics certified. For starters, it would be a good certification to add to your arsenal. If you’re seeking employment with a web design, marketing or PPC campaign management firm, it could also be a nice complement to your resume.

If nothing else, after receiving the training from Google you will have a much better understanding of what Google Analytics is as well as how to read and interpret its reports and statistics.

The course and test is offered through Google’s Conversion University. The complete course guide includes the following topics:

First Steps

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Interface Navigation
  • Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Interpreting Reports

  • Guidelines
  • Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors
  • Time Metrics
  • Traffic sources
  • Content Reports


  • Profiles in Google Analytics
  • Campaign Tracking and AdWords Integration
  • Analysis Focus – AdWords
  • Goals in Google Analytics
  • Analysis Focus – Funnel Visualization
  • Filters in Google Analytics
  • Regex and Google Analytics
  • Cookies and Google Analytics
  • eCommerce Tracking
  • Analysis Focus – Revenue Metrics
  • Domains and Subdomains

In-Depth Analysis

  • Custom Reporting
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Motion Charts
  • Internal Site Search
  • Event Tracking and Virutal Pageviews
  • The Custom Visior Segment Variable
  • Additional Customizations

I think that the course information you will receive through this program is well worth $50. I have said time and time again that one of the most important things in operating a website is understanding your statistics. I am a numbers person, so statistics mean a great deal to me. The more you understand about your visitors, the more you can tweak your site around your demographic and the actions most commonly taken by them.

You only need to score a 75% or above to pass the course. For more information on the Google Analytics IQ program, visit Clickthrough University.

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