Internet Access On Mobile Phones Increasing

As Internet access on mobile phones is not only supported on more telephone models but also provided at a much more reasonable cost by phone carriers over previous years, statistics show that approximately 70 percent of cell phone users used their phones to access search engines such as Google and Yahoo, up 14% over last year.

The most popular mobile searches were for news, driving directions, social networking, and downloads such as music, video and games.

Mobile Phones On The InternetPopularity of social networking websites that cater to mobile phone users such as Twitter seems to have come out of nowhere and explode in popularity. More and more websites are offering “mobile friendly” fast loading versions of their site to cater to such users.

The number of people connecting to the Internet via mobile devices has been on the rise year after year with no end in sight.

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2 thoughts on “Internet Access On Mobile Phones Increasing

  1. I would say ever since I received my HTC Touch Pro, I have been using it it to browse almost as much as my laptop. It just makes it easier to stay in touch with the world when doing daily task.

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