Most Popular Websites Of January 2009

The January 2009 browsing trends report has been released, so we can now all see which sites saw the most popularity during the month.

As can be expected with the United States in the middle of tax season, tax related web sites saw a 176% increase in traffic, accounting for almost 25 million visitors in January alone. With the global economy in the slump that it’s in, sites offering job postings and career information were up over 40%. Career-oriented websites received about 49 million visitors in January 2009.

In addition to tax season and the economy, there was a lot of other government business taking place- Presidential elections, food recalls and a growing demand for unemployment benefits. Searches for these type of websites skyrocketed as well.

The most popular career-oriented website is CareerBuilder, a site that over 12 million visitors stopped by to visit during January- up by 34% over the previous month.

Yahoo has always held the title of the most popular website on the Internet, but the record could finally be slipping as Google continues to grow. Google based websites outranked Yahoo related websites, receiving 151 million visitors in January.

Facebook climbed to the top 10 list for the first time ever, seeing over 57 million visitors as social networking sites continue to take Internet users by a storm- both on PC’s and mobile devices.

The 50 most popular websites on the entire Internet for the month of January 2009, along with their number of visitors are as follows:

January 2009 Browsing Trends

Statistics such as these are not to be taken lightly. They are extremely powerful tools that should be examined by each and every website owner. By following Internet user trends, you can continue to operate a website that appeals to the current demand. If you engage in any sort of affiliate marketing or advertising, you can use statistics such as these to determine which products and services to place more emphasis on as time evolves.

Don’t make the mistake of keeping the same information and the same ads from the same advertisers on your website year round. Examine the current trends to find out what the majority of Internet users are looking for and be sure that you adjust some of the focus on your website accordingly.

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