Paypal Is Growing: My Thoughts

Paypal is focusing more on the mobile market as it is expected to become even larger than the same company that owns it- eBay.

Paypal is working on developing a medium that will allow BlackBerry users to purchase mobile apps using their Paypal account. They are also looking to target many users who currently do not have access to a bank account or a credit card. This may mean good news for many Internet users in various countries who can currently not meet the requirements in order to use Paypal.

In addition, Paypal is working on new developer features that will allow site owners new and creative ways they can implement Paypal on their sites.

Jack Stephenson, the senior Vice President of Paypal, says that he does not think that the stock market properly values Paypal, so they will be making Paypal and its features more visible on eBay.

Paypal StinksIf you ask me, Paypal is one of the biggest Internet scams known to man. They randomly tie up funds on both the seller’s and the buyer’s end, calling it a “random investigation”. Both parties involved in the transaction can agree that everything was fine, but Paypal will still tie the money up for 90 days while collecting interest on it in the meantime. Adding up all the instances of such “random investigations” and the amount of time that neither party is not allowed to use their funds is ridiculous, and adds up to millions of dollars worth of interest that Paypal makes off of your money every single year that, if done by a “brick and mortar” bank, would get them shut down and investigated by the FDIC so fast their head would spin around.

One thought on “Paypal Is Growing: My Thoughts

  1. If only there was a worthy alternative to both eBay and Paypal – w**kers aren’t they :[

    Good blog John – lots of interesting stuff on here – I will be back!


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