Skype For iPhone Now Released

Skype has released a new iPhone app that allows users to make Skype-to-Skype calls, call landline or mobile phones at a low rate, receive telephone calls to a Skype number, and a few other features.

Just 36 hours after it was released, Skype for iPhone was the number one most downloaded free app in over a dozen countries worldwide. Fans of the software are excited that they can now make telephone calls via Wi-Fi Internet access.

Skype for iPhoneHere’s a thought- Isn’t that a phone you’re holding in your hand already? Use it!

Whatever happened to using a cellular telephone to actually make and receive telephone calls? Have we strayed so far away from this that users are now excited to have the ability to do so? I don’t know- maybe it’s just me, but I think that everyone is so busy following the herd that they forget to think for themselves and understand their whole point in paying for all these expensive telephones and monthly service plans. Do you spend all that money to use your iPhone to measure if your table is level or to become excited when you have the ability to make phone calls over the Internet?

It’s a phone for goodness sakes!

I don’t see the point of paying “low rates” to make Skype calls when you are already paying a monthly cellular rate holding the very phone in your hand that you’re paying for each month.

Skype is owned by its parent company, eBay and currently brings in just under $150 million in revenue each fiscal quarter.

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