Tighter Restrictions For Adwords Users

In case you have not already heard, Google has just updated their Adwords policy in regards to the display URL that you choose for your ads.

In the past, you could have your ad link to one domain but set the display URL as a different domain. However, now all display URL’s must reside within the same TLD (top level domain) as the linked to URL.

For example, these are all acceptable URL’s to link to or display in the same ad:


On the other hand, you can not set your display URL as “specialoffer.com” if your ad links to “example.com” since they are two different TLD’s.

Google says that the reasoning behind this move is to create a higher quality experience for their users, and I must say that I’m surprised that it’s taken them this long to put this policy into practice. This new policy change applies to all advertisers across the board. If you were using a different display URL than the linked URL in your Adwords campaign, Google suggests creating separate ad groups for each domain you’re using.

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