10 Of The Best Websites For Learning To Code

Coding is one of the fundamental building blocks of almost anything computer based. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to develop a website, a Windows program or even an iOS application, you’ll need to learn at least some code. Coding is not an easy thing to learn however, but luckily, there are a lot of websites out there that are designed to help. Here are some of the best:


#1 – Lifehacker

Lifehacker actually has an amazing guide that will allow beginners to get started and learn to code. The guide has 4 and a half basic lessons on coding that will serve you well in the long run and will be perfect for those new to coding.


#2 – Treehouse

TeamTreehouse.com has to be one of the best websites out there, period. The website will allow you to learn website design, web development and even iOS development so you can be sure you’ll get smart here.


#3 – Codecademy

Codecademy is definitely one of the best websites for learning to code as you can learn with friends and track your progress easily. You can learn JavaScript, PHP, HTML and many more programming languages too.


#4 – Tizag

This is a great website that I have actually used myself many times. The website is quite basic but covers all of the concepts really well. You can learn many languages too including HTML, PERL, Ajax and more.


#5 – Hackety.com

Hackety.com will teach you the basics of programming and is perfect for beginners. The website will teach you Ruby but you can then apply some of the skills that you learn to almost any programming language you want to master.


#6 – CodingBat

This website might look simple but it is certainly one of the best. CodingBat will allow you to learn Java or Python using their puzzles and tasks. This is a great way to learn and highly recommended for anyone trying to master these things.


#7 - jQueryAir

This website is great if you’re looking to learn jQuery. It allows you to learn the language in your browser but in a practical way, so you’ll definitely get to grips with the language in no time at all.


#8 – RubyMonk

RubyMonk is yet another website for learning the Ruby programming language in an interactive way. You can solve a variety of problems as well as view lessons and more. Perfect.


#9 – Lynda

Lynda.com has to be one of the most well know training websites out there and it is great for learning coding too. Lynda is a paid subscription website but their tutorials are first rate.


#10 – PHP Know How

PHP is one of the building blocks of so many websites and this website allows you to learn PHP and MySQL with ease. It is very interactive but also very straightforward if you’d like to learn more head over to Admin Forums for more info.

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