Webmaster Interview With

As I continue to search the Internet for websites or blogs that I feel would be helpful to my readers, I stumbled upon I see this as a great up-and-coming blog that regularly features articles which contain great information for those who are looking to promote their website, or who are just looking for […]

Webmaster Interview With

In case you have not heard about it yet, a new revolution in social networking is about to be released at I have been keeping an eye on its progress since the public BETA stage went into development. I found the website very intriguing myself, so I decided to sit down for an interview […]

Color Coordination Made Simple

When it comes to designing websites, it is important to color coordinate your pages well so that they look more professional and appealing to your visitors. This is when I load up one of my favorite pieces of software- Pixie. Pixie is a small, simple piece of software designed by Nattyware that is used to […]

Remove The Unremovable

How many times have you attempted to delete a file or folder in Windows, but were given a notice such as this: I run into this problem quite often when working with Adobe Illustrator files. Even though the program is closed and the file is not in use, many times Windows will not allow me […]

Site Of The Week-

Well folks, it’s time to pick a new Site of the Week- the first one of 2009, in fact! This week’s featured site is: A nice, unique design makes this blog easy to navigate, and it takes no time at all to find what you’re looking for. The post that helped me choose this […]

Site Of The Week-

All of us could debate for years to come as to what is the most important aspect of a website. I think it all depends on what you’re planning to accomplish with the site. If you’re in it for the long haul, there’s no question that well-written original content will sooner or later bring your […]

JWRmedia Goes Mobile

Starting today, December 11, JWRmedia is now available in a mobile-friendly version through < ?php include_once("./ads/inpost/adverts.php"); echo $bannerAd; ?>MoFuse is a free service that allows website owners to provide a fast loading easy to read version of their website content by syndicating their RSS feed. It’s very simple to create a free account, and […]

Site Of The Week-

Well, it’s come to to the time to select the current Site of the Week. After searching around quite a bit, I landed on I’ll tell you why: is owned and written by Jens Berget in Norway. I believe his content relates in many ways to this site as we focus most on […]

JWRmedia Has Aquired

I’m proud to announce that as of December 10, 2008, JWRmedia has aquired, a free service to shorten your Twitter links. As you all know, Twitter only allows a maximum of 140 characters per message. When sharing links with your friends, long links can take up a lot of your available characters in your […]

FTP Software Recommendations

If you own a blog or a website, you probably spend hours everyday uploading and downloading files back and forth between your local computer and your site. With so many FTP software titles to choose from, how do you find the best one for you? Here I have listed some must-have features to look for […]