10 Firefox Themes worth looking at.

Are you using FireFox? If so are you using the same old default theme? Did you know that you can get customised themes?
These are 10 that i think are a few of the best to choose from.

NASA Night Launch

This theme is for people who like it dark. If you’re running a dark desktop then this is for you. So zip up your flight suit, make sure your harness is secure, and enjoy the ride.

Aquatint Black

It is much improved over the previous versions but still keeps the same cool glassy aqua buttons on the jet black toolbar.

Noia 2.0 (eXtreme)

I love this one best of all.

This is a fully skinned version. This theme is based on the Noia 2.0 icon set by Carlitus( http://carlitus.deviantart.com ).

ACE Safari Foxdie

All-in-one Mac style theme!

I like this Theme ALOT! See what you think.

Aero Fox

Aero Fox is back for Firefox 3.5. It is designed with style in mind for those who love the look of Windows Vista Aero theme.

A Blue Fox Theme

This is the Blue version of Bloody Red called Blue Fox.It works with FF 3.0.* 3.1b and 3.5.It is really nice.The mixture between the blue and black is cool and it is perfect for people who like dark themes

Walnut for Firefox

Walnut for a wooden look and feel. Walnut is a complete skin redesign so that all windows, widgets, panels, and even the addons have a wooden look and feel.
Fully compatible with both 2.0 and 3.0, incl. Lightning (0.9 and higher).


MushroomKingdom is a theme for all of the Super Mario Bros. fans out there. It features a landscape-style background, colorful icons with personality, and pipe scrollbars. Large icons are 32px and small are 24px.

Blu Canidae

A clean and crisp Theme

This was designed to be a cleaner, blue version of iFox


I quite like this one.

A dark and hot theme for Firefox 3.
Fully skinned and animated.

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