10 Of The Best Web Browsers for Mac

There are hundreds of different browsers out there if you own a PC and a lot of people believe that the best browser is certainly not the browser that comes with the Windows operating system. However, if you own a Mac, which is becoming more and more common these days, there aren’t that many browsers to choose from and you might think that you’ll be stuck with Safari. There are a lot of great Mac browsers out there however, and we have rounded up a list of the 10 best ones. Enjoy!

1. Safari

Although we just said that you might not want this browser, it is of course one of the best for a Mac. Click here to download it.

2. OmniWeb

This browser is one of the best Mac browsers out there and it is currently available for free as OmniWeb 5. Click here to download it.

3. Cruz

This is another Mac browser that most people havent heard of and it has some great features. Click here to download it.

4. iCab

This is a fantastic and less well known browser for the Mac and it has some brilliant features much like Cruz. Click here to download it.

5. Demeter

This is a lightweight browser for the Mac and it still works extremely well. Click here to download it.

6. Google Chrome

You will more than likely have heard of this browser as it is available for windows. It is also available for Mac. Click here to download it.

7. Sunrise

This web browser for the Mac doesnt have that many interesting features but it has everything you could ever need. Click here to download it.

8. Stainless

This web browser has been in the making for a while and now it is complete, it has some pretty great features. Click here to download it.

9. Firefox

We are sure you will have all heard of this before and it is available for Mac as well as Windows. Click here to download it.

10. Flock

This might be a browser that you have heard of and it is great. It has great add on features for social networking too. Click here to download it.

18 thoughts on “10 Of The Best Web Browsers for Mac

  1. Why do we need a list of 10 different web browsers? It’s hard enough for me to support FireFox, IE, Chrome, and Safari all at once.

  2. For Ben
    First of all, FireFux locks up too much so stop using it and why would you be using 4 browsers at the same time?

    My Q
    Are these browsers in order of which is the best? Or just 10 good ones in no order?

  3. Aaagh! You forgot to mention Camino! It’s the fastest and best Mac browser. Also I recommend iCab and OmniWeb, if you get tired of waiting for stodgy Firefox and are sick of Safari.

  4. Best is Safari and then a notch below will be Chrome. PERIOD.
    Nothing else. Not the tasteless Firefox at least

  5. Safari is the best. I don’t understand why people go out of their way to get a new browser when they have a great browser in safari. Google chrome is nice if you want all of your information recorded

  6. They all have their strong points, otherwise people wouldn’t support different Web browsers, and if there was only one Web browser, the developers would become lazy and greedy because of the lack of competition, and then a new wave of Web browsers will come about.
    Oh and I’d just like to suggest the Web browser I work with – Sleipnir 3 for Mac, as it is quite new and not in the list.

  7. @J safari records all your info too and it can be disabled in both but I do agree with him that for most casual users(not people like developers) the browser that comes with the OS-safari-unlike IE is the best but chrome is also good in some cases and is the best out there for windows

  8. It would be great if someone with the knowledge to do so would create a list of browsers that told us something beyond “This is a great browser with interesting features, you might like it.”

    Also, how about including WHY the browser exists i.e.:
    Safari and Chrome exists because Apple and Google want to mine data. Firefox exists because of a following of open source advocates. etc. etc.

    Short of downloading and trying each one, what is the value of a vague list that leaves out half the major contenders?

  9. I agree with Vishal.

    Safari is the best. Chrome is second best. Opera is third. The rest are just horrible or really uncommon and unsupported.

    Oh, and the worst is Internet Explorer for Mac :D

  10. Hi all looking for a new growers as i am starting to find that safari is not compatible with a lot of website these especially ones that contain forms to fill out

  11. I don’t think Safari is the best. Its very slow for me. Chrome is a lot better. Also chrome has the webstore.

  12. Hi there, I discovered your blog by the use of Google at the same time as looking for a similar matter, your website came up, it seems to be good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  13. I have a MacBook running OS10.5.8, which Chrome has just announced they will not support, forcing you to go to 10.6 if you want the newest version. Snow Leopard 10.6 is not compatible with some other programs I have so I don’t want to mess up my whole system. I also have Firefox and Safari and I had Opera but it didn’t work right and support was nonexistent. None of them has decent support you can reach without a big hassle. I like multiple browsers for backups if one goes down, and I keep one for internet shopping, one for personal correspondence, and one for book marketing. I came to this site to see if there was another good free browser I might consider for overkill.

  14. So far, all things considered….its close between opera (ive had a couple problems though of late), and Firefox. I dont like safari for macs, but i know some do. Omni Web is perfectly acceptable though…..just a notch below.

  15. You forgot Opera and Camino, both are pretty good!
    Also, as of October 2012, Safari is now at 6.x for the most recent Mac OS X verions, so maybe you should update that screenshot that says “Safari 5″. :)

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