Apple iPhone iOS4 Review – Whats New?

If you have an iPhone then you will more than likely have been waiting for this update for a while now. The iOS4 update is the latest operating system update for the iPhone device and it was released by Apple earlier this week. Apple claim that this is the biggest update to their operating system since the iPhone was released and there certainly are some great new features. But just how well do all of these features work? Does it really deserve all of the hype that is currently surrounding it? Let’s have a look at some of the biggest changes and see if they really are as good as Apple claim.


This is probably the most anticipated feature for most users of the iPhone and the good news is that it is finally here in iOS4. You might think that Apple is late with this feature and in some ways you would be right. Many other phone manufacturers have had multitasking on their devices for months, so why are Apple so late? Well, Apple say that they have steered away from enabling multitasking on the iPhone up until now as they have believed that until they found a good way of doing it, all it would do is slow the phone down and drain battery life. Now they say that they have finally found a way to do this without it having these negative effects, but does it really work?

Well, I have been using the new iOS4 update for a few days and from what I can see, they really have got the hang of it. You can switch between apps on the phone with such simplicity just by double tapping the home screen and ending an app from running is extremely simple as well. All you have to do is to hold down on the icon and disable it.
One bad point with this feature is that it is not available if you have an iPhone 3G. You can only make use of it on the iPhone 3GS and the new iPhone 4. This is a letdown for some people.


That’s right; you can now arrange your apps on your iPhone into folders. This is a great addition to the iPhone and although it doesn’t really sound like much, it really does make your life a whole lot easier. You no longer have to scroll through screens and screens of apps looking for what you need, you can just find the correct folder and your app will be neatly organised.

The iPhone does name the folder itself and more often than not, the name it suggests will be perfectly fine, although you can change the name to whatever you like of course.

Unified Inbox

If you use your iPhone for mail, then this really is the feature that you will love. I know I’ve been waiting for this feature for a while now. Instead of having multiple inboxes that you have to keep going back and forth to, all of your mail will now be neatly organised in what Apple are calling a Unified Inbox. What this means is that all of your mail from all of your accounts will appear in one inbox, hence the name Unified Inbox.

This really is such a time saving feature and if you are a business user this will really be a fantastic addition to the iPhone for you. I know that I personally receive many emails each day and this has really made my life a whole lot easier, and I’ve only been using it a few days. Once again, the great thing about this feature is that Apple have really taken their time to perfect it and it simply just works how you want it to.

iOS4 Overall

Overall, I would say that Apple have done an absolutely fantastic job creating this new update and as well as the features I have mentioned in this review, there are obviously hundreds more. Some of the best ones include being able to change your home screen wallpaper and being able to geo-tag the photos that you take with your iPhone.

Like everything that Apple seems to do, this update seems to work exactly how you would like it to and the new additions have made the iPhone an even more iconic phone than ever before. If you want to check out all of the features that are new in iOS4, then just follow the following link to the Apple website.

Click here to go to the Apple Website.

5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone iOS4 Review – Whats New?

  1. Multitasking! Finally! iPhone software has definitely come along way. It’s a shame that flash is STILL not supported! O’well, I still love my iphone.

  2. Not sure about everyone else, but my 3G iPhone is running much more sluggish with the new software. It struggles to move from one app to another, texting seems to take a second to respond.
    Anyone else??

  3. Ive got a 3GS and mine actually feels alot faster than it previously was , however i havent really got that much running on it like loads of apps, i think ive got around 15 extra apps installed above the stand install. Im really quite impressed with mine . I also havent had mine very long so maybe yours needs rebooting/resetting ?.

  4. I only have about 15 or so apps too. I tried the rebooting and and it did not seem to help
    Thanks for the input

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