Color Coordination Made Simple

When it comes to designing websites, it is important to color coordinate your pages well so that they look more professional and appealing to your visitors. This is when I load up one of my favorite pieces of software- Pixie.

Pixie is a small, simple piece of software designed by Nattyware that is used to help you locate the exact color of anything you see on your computer. I use this time and time again anytime I see a color that I would like to use when doing graphic or website design.

PixiePixie easily gives you the HEX, HTML, RGM, CMYK and HSV values of any color you want! All you have to do is open the program and hold your mouse over the color you like and its exact value is shown. The best part about this software- it’s FREE!

In my opinion, Pixie is a must have resource for any graphics or website designer. Pixie can be downloaded from the Nattyware website at:

2 thoughts on “Color Coordination Made Simple

  1. This is a great one, I’ve been using it for ages, you forgot to mention it requires no install so it can be used as a portable app to! Another good color picker is colorzilla for Firefox, which I’ve had to use when working on Macs.

  2. It’s a time saver indeed. For so long I was in the habit of using printscreen and pasting the entire picture of my current screen into photoshop then using the color finder tool in there.

    When that process is repeated X amount of times, it gets tedious.

    Pixie ftw! w-^_^-w

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