Remove The Unremovable

How many times have you attempted to delete a file or folder in Windows, but were given a notice such as this:

Unlocker Assistant

I run into this problem quite often when working with Adobe Illustrator files. Even though the program is closed and the file is not in use, many times Windows will not allow me to delete, rename or move the file.

That’s when Unlocker Assistant comes to the rescue!

Unlocker Assistant is a free software which will “unlock” these files, allowing you to modify them as needed. Unlocker Assistant adds a convenient option when you right click your mouse, which when clicked will open up a screen like this:

Unlocker Assistant

Unlocker Assistant will show you a list of programs and files that Windows says are using the particular file you want to modify. You can choose a specific program to “unlock” the file, or choose the “unlock all” option to completely free up your file.

Unlocker Assistant will give you some options when opened:

  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Move
  • Copy

You can easily perform the task you were attempting before Windows disallowed you from doing so. You can read more about Unlocker Assistant and download it from:

Unlocker Assistant Download

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4 thoughts on “Remove The Unremovable

  1. Unlocker is great but sometimes it announces deletion but the folder or file is still stubbornly there, even after reboot. Any suggestions?

  2. When I can’t remove a file with Unlocker I load the Ubuntu operating system with a bootable CD. This has never faild to delete a file.

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