SEO Software Review Part 1 – SEO Powersuite

If you own a website of any kind, then you will probably already know that SEO is one of the most important aspects of running it that you will need to take care of. With SEO Powersuite, you get 4 different software tools that will enable you to rank high in the search engines, build a new stream of visitors and much more. When the software is used together the results are phenomenal. Here is a quick review of each of the four software tools.

Rank Tracker

This piece of SEO software will save you an enormous amount of time, as it’s job is to perform a detailed analysis of exactly how your website is doing in the search engines. If you have ever done any SEO on your website by yourself, manually, then you will probably know that the main activity is to search the search engines for your keywords and see how well your website and content on your website ranks. If it appears that you are not ranking too high, then you usually have to go through a long process of going through all those search engine pages to see where your site is listed. Well, now, Rank Tracker can do all this for you. The main idea of this software is that it will let you know how your website is doing amongst the search engine results and how your website is improving. The software will also help you to find profitable keywords that you may have missed. Overall, this is an exceptional piece of software.

Website Auditor

This is the second part of the SEO Powersuite software. The idea of this piece of software is that it performs a detailed analysis of your websites content and determines just how search engine friendly it actually is. The software will then tell you about things like keyword density and many other SEO related data in order to help you with the optimisation of your content. One great feature of this product is that it will actually perform this same analysis for up to 10 competitors websites. This will help you ensure that your websites content is upto speed with your competitors, and hopefully even better. Overall, this is a great tool for SEO.


SEO Spyglass

This is the third element to the SEO Powersuite. The idea of this software is that it will perform an extremely powerful analysis of exactly how your competitors are ranking so well in the search engines. The software will find out how many backlinks they have, which websites they link to and of course, exactly what anchor text their links use. Because Google and many other well known search engines use this anchor text to decide what the target page is about, it is extremely important that you get this spot on. This software will help you do this. Once again, this is a great and vital piece of software in your SEO war.


Link Assistant

This is the fourth and final part of the SEO Powersuite software. This part of the software will help you to build you link-building campaign. While SEO Spyglass tells you what you need to do, this piece of softwares job is to help you to implement it into your website. As you will know, ranking high in search engines takes many quality backlinks, so this piece of software is a must have. The software will also keep an eye on your competitors and make sure they are not engaging in any unethical behaviour and it will keep track of all the webmasters that you have emailed. Overall, this software rounds of the SEO Powersuite software nicely and is just as important as the rest.

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