Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 7 Review

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 7 is the latest piece of graphic design and illustration software that has been released by the Xara company within the last few months. For many people, Xara’s previous versions of the software have been a little known secret in the industry of graphic design and they have been known for packing in a range of great features for a great price. This latest version of the software certainly doesn’t disappoint, offering great value for money and a piece of software that is great for beginners and professionals alike.

The great thing about this piece of software from Xara is that the graphics that are created within it are created using vector co-ordinates, much like the Adobe Illustrator Software (however, this software doesn’t have the hefty price tag). The fact that the graphics are created in this way means that they are exceptionally easily to scale up and down and they are also extremely easy to edit. This program is absolutely fantastic for making things like logo’s and web graphics due to the fast that the program has a range of easy to use, technical drawing implements.

The overall design of the interface is extremely easy to get to grips with in this latest version of the software and whether you have any experience with other similar graphic design programs or not, you will pick it up very easily. The software is fantastic for creating a variety of different things and can easily allow you to create stunning web graphics, newsletters, brochures and much more due to its versatility. There are some great new features in this latest version when it comes to changing things throughout your document. There are now options to change things on all pages throughout and even repeat objects on all the pages. This is useful and consumes a lot less time than in previous versions.

One of the fantastic things with this software as well is that it actually has the ability to create animations. You can actually create animations and export them as video files, GIF files or even Adobe Flash format. This makes the Xara Photo and Graphic designer software a great alternative to more expensive programs like Adobe Flash. This program can be used to create banners, GIF’s and more.

Another cool feature in this latest version is the Magic Erase took. This basically allows you to remove unwanted objects from photos and it replaces them with a dotted line outline of what used to be there. The program is exceptionally quick and accurate at doing this and we were suitably impressed with the outcome as well. This is a fantastic addition to the software and a very useful tool.

Considering that this software is available for the price of just £69, it really is a bargain, especially when taking into account that its rival programs would cost many times this amount and this has many of the same great features. We would recommend this to any photo editor, either beginner or professional and as a great alternative to other, more expensive programs.

Take a look at the software here : http://www.magix.com/gb/xara-photo-graphic-designer/detail/

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