Search Engine For The UK is a very clean, fast loading search engine specifically targeting UK visitors, indexing sites based in the UK and sites that are visited by those who live there.

I was very impressed with the modern “feel” of the entire site, and the ability to not only perform a web search, but also “local” searches to show you directions to your destination, “shop” searches which allow you to enter an item you would like to buy and have all the results shown to you, and more!

From the homepage, you can add your site to their search results if it doesn’t already appear there. is also a sponsored listing program much like Google Adwords which will allow you to pay a small fee to have your website appear at the top of their search results.

This is definitely a search engine worth checking out. I noticed that because Searchers targets a specific audience, there were a lot of sites which appeared at the top of their search results which I had never known about. Being accustomed to using Google all the time, many times I search for similar keywords and I see the same dozen or so websites all the time. With Searchers, there are many great websites that show up for the same search keywords that are just as relevant and contain information you may have never seen before.

Stop by and check it out for yourself- it’s worth the trip!

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