Webmaster Interview With OnePoke.com

OnePoke, Social NetworkingIn case you have not heard about it yet, a new revolution in social networking is about to be released at OnePoke.com. I have been keeping an eye on its progress since the public BETA stage went into development.

I found the website very intriguing myself, so I decided to sit down for an interview with its co-founder Taris Janitens.

Q: What is your name?

My name is Taris Janitens.

Q: Where are you located?

I am located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for OnePoke?

Blogging is actually what got the idea of OnePoke.com started. With all the different types of social networking activities, a central way to manage all of these is more than necessary. I know that personally, I get frustrated have to check 10’s of different sites to see whats new, or to update my profile. OnePoke.com is the solution to all of the problems that exist with the way social networking is currently set up.

Q: How long has the site been online?

OnePoke.com has been in a public beta phase for just about one month now, and has been in development for 4 months. There is still a lot of functionality to be added to the site, and it will be very exciting to see it grow over time.

Q: What would you say is the overall purpose or goal of the site?

As mentioned before, the purpose of OnePoke.com is to bring all of a users social networking activities to one central location. We seek to broaden the definition of “social networking,” as my partner and I feel that social networking encompasses much more than just sites like Facebook or Myspace. Our definition of social networking covers ALL of your social activities online. This includes dating sites, email accounts, blog subscriptions, and social media.

From OnePoke, you are able to get a summary of all the important information from these various different sites, and it acts as a portal TO those sites. Features such as a centralized status update system, central messaging systems, and never having to log in to each of your accounts individually again, will allow a user to save a lot of time online, making social networking so much less time consuming than before.

Although a user with many different accounts will benefit the most from our site, even if you have just a couple of accounts such as facebook, or twitter, imagine being able to update your status on both sites simultaneously, or even just one or the other, all from one place. OnePoke.com seeks to be the next evolution in social networking.

Q: Where do you see OnePoke a year from now?

Our one year goal is fairly modest considering the market base we are targeting. One year from now, we hope to have at least 25,000 active daily users, which might equate to around 100,000 users total. These are just estimates for now, as we’ve yet to see exactly how often our users will re-visit the site – but we hope that users will visit at least once daily to see what’s new across their social networks, seeing as that is the purpose of OnePoke afterall.

We will be constantly adding support for new social networks, dating sites, email sites etc, as well as new and unique features that will make OnePoke the first TRUE social networking site.

Q: What about the site makes it unique?

Really, everything about OnePoke.com is new, and it is really the first site of its kind!

Q: What is your favorite feature of OnePoke?

My favorite feature of OnePoke.com is the fact that I never have to visit a countless number of sites ever again. I log in once, check out what’s new in my various feeds, and OnePoke.com will take me directly to any of the information or sites that I want to access. With the number of various sites that I’m on, I could never go back to checking them out one by one.

Q: What are some of the marketing angles you’re using to attract new members?

Although we’re currently in the beta stage, we welcome anyone and everyone to sign up! That way we’ll be able to email you with updates as the site progresses, as well as inform you about the various new features that we’ve implemented. We will also be holding a signup contest, with a total prize value of $10,000!!! The contest will simply involve referring your friends to OnePoke, with the first 100 people to refer 100 friends being the winners of $100 each!! More details of the signup contest will be published at a later date, but for now, sign yourself up and get a head start, as you have to be a member at OnePoke.com to win.

With hundreds of millions of websites already online, many people feel that there’s no way for them to come up with an idea for a unique, successful website. It all has to do with staying one step ahead of the game. Strive to keep up on the current trends and think about what you can do in order to bring a unique perspective on what’s getting attention on the Internet.

5 thoughts on “Webmaster Interview With OnePoke.com

  1. Site sounds like it is worth a check out. I recognize the name “Taris Janitens” from commenting on John Chow’s site pretty frequently so in kind of feel like I indirectly know them lol.

  2. I never heard of this site before. Ill wait until its done testing then Ill sign up when its done. Looks like a cool idea.

  3. Hey Mike! yes indeed I used to be a big commentator – but OnePoke has swallowed up all my time :)

    Check out the site and let me know what you think – our web design guy is in the process of re-tooling the look of the site, so here’s your chance to directly impact the look of OnePoke! :)

    And Michelle, don’t worry about the fact that were still testing! By signing up, we can email you with updates as to the progress, and then you can start using the site more once it is fully operational.

    Thanks again for the Interview John! Looking forward to working more with you later on :)

  4. Ill see how it turns out. Maybe they will have some sort of widget or something where we can display out profiles on all of our different social networking sites.

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