10 Of The Best Web Directories for SEO

When it comes to directory submissions and SEO, this is something that you need to be extremely careful of. Directory submissions on a large scale are extremely old fashioned when it comes to SEO but there are still some directories that carry a good amount of weight and will help with your rankings. Submitting to these is a must-do for all sites and here are a few of the best ones that you should consider.


#1 – DMOZ

DMOZ is probably the best directory out there. It is great as it is completely free of charge to list your business in it but the submission cannot be guaranteed. It also takes a few months usually to get listed as there is a huge waiting list.


#2 – Yahoo Directory

Again, this is another really good directory to get your site listed in if possible as there are great SEO benefits here. It is pretty expensive however at $299 per year, so it might only be worth it if you have a decent SEO budget.


#3 – IPL2

Another great directory if the librarians internet index directory. This directory has been around for a number of years and it is completely free to submit your site. You need to make sure your site is quality however.


#4 – Business.com

This directory has been around a while and is another great place to get your site listed. The cost is the same as the Yahoo directory at $299 per year but can be a good use of budget in some cases.


#5 – America’s Best

If your business is located in the United States, then this directory is a good option. The America’s Best directory is only $20 per year for a listing so it is great for that little extra SEO boost if you need it.


#6 – Best of the Web

The Best of the Web directory has been up and running since 1994 making it one of the oldest directories out there. It costs $400 to be listed in this but again, it can really be worth it in some cases.


#7 – Google Places

A lot of people won’t think of this as a directory but I think that it really is this. Yes, it has just had a makeover and is now part of the Google Plus network but it is still a great place to be listed. It might not have a huge SEO benefit but it is great for attracting visitors.


#8 – 01 Web Directory

This website directory was initially launched back in 2003 and it remains a decent place to get your business listed. You shouldn’t base your SEO campaign around this listing but it is great for a boost.


#9 – Go Guides


This website directory costs a total of $70 for a listing but it has been a spam free web directory for a number of years now and therefore, is still highly regarded by Google and other search engines.


#10 – V7N Directory

The V7N Directory is another old directory and the cost of a listing is $50. Again, this is great for an SEO boost but should not really be your top priority in terms of directory links.

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