4 Of The Best Premium SEO Tools Worth Paying For

When it comes to SEO, there must be hundreds of thousands of different tools out there that have all been designed to help you. Many of these tools are free such as a variety of Firefox or Chrome extensions but there are some (usually the better ones) that are paid. Now, if you are thinking of actually paying for some of these tools, then you will have a difficult choice as there are just so many. Some of them are also not that good whilst others are worth their weight in gold.

We have created a list of 5 of the best premium SEO tools that you really should consider getting if you are becoming a brilliant SEO and want to take yourself to the next level. All of these tools will really make your life easier and allow you to do lots more than you could without them.


Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

We couldn’t write a list about the best premium SEO tools without mentioned Majestic SEO. This is something that we hope you have heard of if you are in any way at all involved with SEO and it has to be one of the best tools out there. Majestic SEO says on its website that it is a link intelligence tool which basically means that it offers a range of tools to allow you to find link prospects.

Majestic SEO is a tool that you will be able to use from within your browser (and therefore is able to be accessed anywhere you might be). The main use of Majestic SEO is the backlink discovery tool which is extremely useful when it comes to discovering link prospects. You can simply type in a URL of your choice and it will discover all of the backlinks for the website. Backlinks can be explored by domains and much more.

There are a few other great things about this tool too such as being able to analyse click through rates for different anchor text on a website and much more. You can export data to CSV files and plenty of other things. once you really get to grips with this software, you really won’t be able to live without it.

Majestic SEO is available from just £29.99 per month, or you can opt for a free account which will give extremely limited access. Get it here. 


SEOMoz Pro

SEOMoz Pro

Again, if you claim to be an SEO and you don’t know what SEOMoz is, then you should go back a step and take a look before considering this tool. SEOMoz is one of the biggest names in the SEO world and website features some great resources, especially when it comes to their blog posts. Now, SEOMoz actually offer SEO tools as part of their SEOMoz Pro plan which should definitely be considered when you are looking for great SEO tools.

SEOMoz Pro is probably the ultimate tool when it comes to SEO and it will allow you to discover a lot of great information about websites. Once again, this tool can be accessed from within a browser meaning that it is available anywhere you might be and it is great for both on-page and off-page optimisation.

It would take hours to run through all of the useful features of SEOMoz Pro but some of the best are probably its keyword analysis tools, link diagnosis tools, crawl test, rank tracker, SEO tool bar and more. SEOMoz Pro is the tool that most professional SEO’s will have access to as it will make their lives so much easier.

SEOMoz Pro is available from $99 per month, so it is not the cheapest SEO tool out there. Get it here. 


SEM Rush Pro

SEM Rush Pro

SEM Rush Pro has to be the absolute best tool when it comes to keyword research. Of course, there are tools like Google’s Keyword tool but this isn’t always that accurate. SEM Rush uses complex algorithms to give you much more up to date and accurate information, therefore making it great for keyword research. Keyword research is of course one of the most important stages of SEO as if it isn’t done correctly, you might find that you are trying to get your website to rank for pointless phrases or phrases that don’t have much search volume.

SEM Rush Pro will allow you to find information on more than 40 million keywords and the information that it uses comes from millions of different domain names You will be able to get an idea how competitive a keyword is as well as information on the CPC of the keyword and much more. it will also give information on trends as best it can.

SEM Rush Pro is available from $69.95 per month which is a great price considering what you get if you use the tool properly. You can also register and use the tool for free but it is on a very limited basis and is nowhere near comparable to the pro version. Get it here. 




We know what you’re thinking, this isn’t an SEO tool right? Well, although Hootsuite is actually a social media tool, when you take into account the fact that social signals are being looked at by Google and other search engines, this is actually a great SEO tool.

The great thing about this tool is that you can use it for free, or opt for their paid versions and have a lot more features. This will basically allow you to be able to schedule tweets, Facebook posts and more. This will really make your life more simple and when used with something like bit.ly, you will be able to see exactly how much people are enjoying your content on these sites.

Hootsuite premium is available from just $5.99 per month making it an extremely affordable and great SEO tool for anyone. Get it here. 



In conclusion, these are probably the three SEO tools that as a professional SEO, you really should have. However, there are many other great tools out there too that w have failed to mention including Buzzstream (check out our Buzzstream review), Usertesting.com and much more.

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