4 SEO Truths That SEO’s Should Know

SEO’s are plentiful these days. In fact, there are becoming more and more SEO’s every single day as demand for these services grow around the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small local business or a multinational corporation, SEO is an extremely necessary part of marketing these days. The thing is that a lot of SEO’s are not focussing on the right things and a lot of SEO’s are actually doing a lot more work than they need to in some respects.

SEO is an industry that is constantly changing which is a good thing of course, but there are a few SEO truths that every SEO needs to know but very few of them actually focus on. Here are a few of them:


#1 – Rank Doesn’t Matter

Rank doesn’t matter if you aren’t converting visitors to customers!

Ok, well rank does matter of course, as being on the 50th page is never going to be any use at all but at the same time, rank doesn’t matter if your website isn’t doing what it is made to do. Of course, there are a lot of different website styles out there including business websites, landing pages and blogs but at the end of the day,. your website needs to convert.

What do we mean by convert? Well, it needs to do what it was designed to do. If you have a small business website, you might want the desired outcome of someone visiting your website to be that they call you up and use your services. If you have a blog, you might want the desired outcome to be that they share it with their friends on social networks and perhaps even click on a few ads. If you have a landing page, then you are going to want people to buy the product or service that you are offering.

The important thing to the remember is that rank doesn’t really matter. You might be ranking half way down the first page of Google and getting less visitors per day than the number one ranking but you might have an extremely well optimised site that converts well while the person at number 1 isn’t getting half as many sales as you.

So, the SEO truth that you need to remember is that whilst ranking might be important in some respects, including being a vanity signal for your own work, it is pointless without a well optimised website that performs how it should.


#2 – SEO Takes Time

If you go on any forum online then you will see a variety of SEO services in which SEO’s promise results in a certain amount of time. While it is good to have an idea of the timeframe for an SEO campaign, this is something that needs to really be thought about. A lot of small business owners will want results from an SEO campaign quickly as they don’t fully understand why they are paying you hundreds of pounds per month to see what appears to be no improvement.

The truth is that while you can rank a website rather quickly for a short period of time, getting rankings that last for a long time and that aren’t going to drop out when the next Google algorithm update hits is a difficult task.

It is important that you focus on long term SEO strategies such as creating great content and links that are going to gain more authority as time passes by. Links that are going to get deleted or cheap link building techniques will inevitably lead to a drop in rankings.


#3 – Social Signals Are Actually Important

Social Signals are important. Facebook Share and Twitter are extremely powerful and show Google people love your content.

Google is placing more and more emphasis on social signals and like a lot of past SEO techniques, a lot of SEO#s are ignoring social signals almost entirely. This is the wrong decision as unfortunately, social signals are actually important and it is likely that they are going to get even more important as time goes on.

Think about it, social signals show that people are actually reading your content and engaging with what you have to say. They show Google that you actually have something worthwhile to say and that therefore, you should be rewarded with higher organic rankings.

Of course, social signals are also important from a non-SEO point of view too. Social signals will mean that your content is getting shared and achieving a certain viral impact. This means that more people are going to be seeing your content and thus learning about your company, website or blog.


#4 – Keyword Research Is The Most Important Part Of SEO

Keyword research is an extremely important part of SEO!

Keyword research, what’s that? You know, the bit you always rush. So many SEO’s will rush keyword research but really, this is the most important part of any SEO campaign. If you are targeting keywords that are never going to lead to profit or the desired outcome for your website, then what’s the point in spending hundreds of pounds and months of your time targeting them? Well, there is no point.

You need to be making sure to spend a good amount of time looking for keywords that are relevant to your content and actually make sense. You also need to make sure that these keywords are going to be possible to rank for within a certain period of time or prepare for unhappy clients.

The longer you spend on keyword research, the easier your job will be as the client will start seeing results (results as in customers) a lot more quickly.



These are just a few SEO truths that we thought we should point out as a lot of SEO’s neglect these things and focus on the latest spammy techniques for link building on a budget. SEO is always going to cost a substantial amount of money if it’s done properly and with each Google algorithm update, it gets more and more expensive.

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