5 Most Important Tips and Tricks for SEO

SEO is the best way to market your website because there is not a single internet user that isn’t using at least one search engine. Most of them use Google so that one should be the most important one for you to focus. The trick is to find those few most efficient ways to get your site to rank high in the search engines, so to help you out in your search I will reveal them to you in this post.




1. Content

Content is and always has been the most important factor for SEO. Every single search engine want to offer their users the best possible information available on the searched keyword. So writing important, informative and helpful articles on your blogs is essential if you want to rank among the first spots. Don’t try to copy articles from other websites because the search engines will put you in their secondary database and that’s not a good thing because that means that your result will appear rarely and on a distant position.


2. Using the right title tags

When you create an article you should do a little keyword research to know which keywords you will be targeting for SEO. After you pick your keywords it is very important that you add them in the title of your article because when search engines find your result they display the title so it’s their primary search value. The most optimal way to set the title tags is: Keyword One – Keyword Two | Brand Name. Try to avoid writing long titles because Google displays only 70 characters in their results.


4. Use mostly plain text for your Website

Since search engines can hardly understand java script it isn’t wise to base your site on java only. If all your content that you are trying to rank for is there then you won’t want the search engines to be too confused by all the java scripts on your page. The same goes for flash navigation. Even tho it looks good Google bots that are crawling your site in search of information can’t figure out what’s on the flash navigation.


5. Getting links

This is crucial for your content to get to the top positions on any search engine. Not having any other site linking to your site is interpreted as invaluable by the search engines. If you don’t have backlinks then the search engines won’t take your website into consideration when the keyword you are targeting is searched. There are several ways to get links to your site and here are a few of them:

  • Paying for links (This is a blackhat method that most search engines are aiming to destroy because it is not a natural way of building links and the content might not be relevant. However this is still one of the easiest and very efficient way to get links to your site)
  • Looking for blogs and websites related to yours and posting comments using anchor text. (It can be hard and it will take a lot of time to accomplish this since you have to write comments manually but it pays of in the end and it gives you solid links back to your website)
  • Link exchange (You can find a website and ask to exchange links with him in order to power up your SEO)
  • Guest Posting (Contact with a few similar blogs with high page rank asking to write a guest post for them in return for a link to your site)
  • Writing articles in article directories (Write a few articles and post them in a few major article directories with the keyword as anchor text somewhere in the body of the article)




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